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Process Mining with Lana

Discovery meets Conformance Checking

We are

A unified product vision. We at LANA are part of it!
Low-Code Automation + Process Mining make Appian the world’s most complete Low-Code Automation Suite. 

Machine Learning meets Process Management

LANA is the smartest and most powerful analysis technology for your business processes.

The number one in manufacturing

The simple solution for complex processes. LANA’s Machine Learning algorithm minimizes downtime and capital commitment. The result: Leaner processes, faster lead times and more efficient logistics.

Efficient purchasing. Effective fulfillment.

From order-to-cash to purchase-to-pay: LANA makes costs and bottlenecks transparent. The automated target/actual comparison directly identifies unwanted risks. This keeps you smart in your strategy and secures your competitive advantage in the long term.

The upgrade for your systems.

LANA as a technological investment: Use the open interfaces and rely on our highly scalable architecture to integrate Process Mining into your own software solutions.

Process Mining

Process Mining

Complete insight into the most complex processes – with LANA

LANA Process Mining is your magnifying glass, your compass and your safety net. Even global market leaders are convinced of this.

Scalable globally

The most powerful machine learning on the market: LANA analyzes and optimizes the most complex processes from German SMEs to the worldwide production of international automotive groups and suppliers.

Data-based saving

An efficient financial apparatus for optimized business figures: LANA helps analyze P2P processes and finds ways to save significant, previously unseen costs annually. No matter what industry you’re in.

Focus: Customer Trust

Perfect the Customer Journey with LANA. For an international telecommunications group, LANA not only optimizes internal processes, but also improves customer satisfaction.

The Process Mining Project is about to begin?
You don’t have to go through it alone!

With the practical Process Mining Guide you won’t forget a single step in process optimization. Whether digitally as a high-resolution PDF file or as a printed poster next to your desk – reach the optimized process, step by step with the guide from Lana Labs!

Further information

Process Discovery

LANA provides you with a simple way to analyze and visualize complex events in your business processes through process mining techniques. The event logs from the supporting IT systems are visually displayed in process models and show the operational sequences as they are actually performed. Bottlenecks can be easily identified thanks to the integrated performance view and advanced filter options.

Process Conformance

Skipped activities, errors and unnecessary loops and duplications are efficiently detected: LANA enables the automated analysis of process deviations.By linking actual data with process target models, the root cause of any issue is identified automatically.A simple and intuitive visualization of deviations in the process model allows you to focus on the essentials.

Targeted Optimization

LANA automatically creates a list of deviations in your processes. Those deviations are prioritized based on their cost or the frequency of occurrence within the process.This allows you to define and execute precise and fact-based measures for the optimization of your processes.The impact of optimization activities is continuously being measured. Thus, changes in the processes can be monitored and evaluated over the long term.

Use the full potential of your processes – with LANA Process Mining.

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