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  • Oct292018
    Checkliste für erfolgreiche Projekte

    Checklist for successful projects


    How can the full potential of new large-scale projects be realized? We evaluate the most important hard and soft facts and look at how effective project management leads to success.

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  • Oct222018
    Process Mining BPM - Lebenszyklus | Lana Labs

    What is Process Mining and how does it suit Business Process Management?

    What actually is #ProcessMining? Every process manager should know about this data-driven analysis technique.

    Advantages, application and importance of the technology for #BPM we discuss here!

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  • Oct152018
    Process Mining erneuerbare Energien

    Three reasons why the energy industry needs to modernize

    The #Digitalization holds challenges, but also enormous potential for the energy industry. #ProcessMining helps to realize this potential. Read more in the blog!

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  • Oct112018
    Machine Learning Entscheidungsbaum | LANA Process Mining

    Look behind the curtain of process analysis | Root Cause Analysis with LANA Process Mining

    What happens behind the scenes of #LANA’s automated root cause analysis?

    We show the importance of #MachineLearning for innovative #ProcessMining in our new blog article.

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  • Oct082018
    Ursachenanalyse Einstieg | LANA Process Mining

    Using data to get to the bottom of process deviations | Root Cause Analysis with LANA Process Mining

    The Root Cause Analysis is one of #LANA’s most important features. But how do you get the most out of your #ProcessMining analysis? We’ll show you a practical example!

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  • Oct042018
    7 Gründe für LANA Process Mining

    7 Reasons to get started with LANA Process Mining right now

    7 reasons to get started with #LANA #ProcessMining now. Frequent #innovations, multi-source approach, know-how transfer… what is important to you? We offer the solution.

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