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7 Reasons to get started with LANA Process Mining right now

7 Reasons to get started with LANA Process Mining right now
October 4, 2018 Shirin

Automated process analysis? Well alright, if it’s feasible. Process Mining? Sounds interesting, at least. LANA? Okay, and why do they have a penguin logo?

Warum Process Mining

Your process management urgently needs a makeover, but you can’t decide on a tool?

Then you can relax – at least you’ve found the right article. We’ll explain why Process Mining is the perfect solution for you!


1. For the optimal Process Mining Tool: Frequent Innovations

Sounds too good to be true? Not with LANA Process Mining. When it comes to innovation, we always have our finger on the pulse of time.

We continuously work on improving LANA with innovative features. We collaborate closely with our customers and consider individual suggestions and feedback in our development.


2. Process Mining for everyone: Know-how Transfer

If consultants are also permanent guests at your company, it is high time to take things into your own hands! We help our clients to analyze processes independently and effectively.

Every process change should also be a successful process improvement. That is why we not only provide our customers with important insights from years of research work and industry-specific experience, but also train our users individually and demand-oriented in the use of LANA Process Mining.

7 Gründe für LANA Process Mining - Know-how
7 Gründe für LANA Process Mining - Knowledge Transfer

3. Equal opportunities for all software: Multi-Source Approach

Your process is implemented by several systems? You are using a slightly more specific software or even a self-developed one? No problem!

We work with every data source. If there is no integration with your software yet, we even develop our own interfaces for LANA.


4. The way that suits you best: Open API

LANA uses open interfaces and can thus be easily integrated into your IT system and analysis tool repertoire – for example as an integration into your BI landscape.

7 Gründe jetzt mit LANA Process Mining durchzustarten


5. Drill-down with one click: Automated Root Cause Analysis

Days of tedious data analysis to find the patterns behind process deviations are a thing of the past.

With just one click you can see the causes of process deviations and weaknesses. LANA uses significant rules to explain to you which influencing factors may cause deviations.

7 Gründe jetzt mit LANA Process Mining durchzustarten

How does it work? A short excursion into LANA’s history. Our co-founder Dr. Thomas Baier himself worked for years as a process analyst and spent a lot of time manually evaluating huge amounts of data until he finally had enough of it. This is how the idea of automated process analysis and LANA Process Mining was born. One of the most innovative features of LANA is the automated root cause analysis.

We have developed a machine learning algorithm that is capable of performing a complex statistical classification process within seconds.

Thus the process analysis has reached a completely new level and the associated effort is no longer an issue.


6. Nothing will escape you: Conformance Checking

Warum Process Mining

How is your process implemented in reality? Roughly as your reference models dictate? But… how sure are you really?

The good news: We don’t have to speculate anymore, because nowadays we have tons of data at our disposal.

With conformance checking, you can compare your process, as it is actually implemented, with the reference model you have used so far. LANA shows you all deviations and identifies factors that cause the process deviations. Process analysis has never been so precise, fast and powerful.


7. Easy-care, extremely team-oriented, highly talented – your adoptive penguin?

Our motto is “Improve the world”, and not without good reason. We adopt a Magellanic Penguin in Southern Chile for every license sold and every new employee at Lana Labs.

Regular updates and pictures of your adopted penguin are the cherry on top. Meanwhile we have grown a small colony of LANA penguins and hope to expand further soon.

Take the first step now!

The best way to find out whether LANA Process Mining is the solution to your problems is with a test account – easy and non-committal. Of course, we are always open to your questions and suggestions.

7 Gründe für LANA Process Mining - Pinguin