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Analysis Questions in B2C Processes

Analysis Questions in B2C Processes
August 9, 2019 Jonny
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Customer Support and Customer Journey: Targeted Analyses in the B2C Sector

To get useful answers, you need to ask the right questions. This is just as true in process analysis and business optimization as it is in normal life. Goal-oriented analysis questions are the bedrock of every process mining project. They give you direction, define relevant process fields and form the basis for the KPIs and PPIs of your analysis.

We have already examined the influence of effective analysis questions in order handling. The principle is very similar for customer-oriented processes in the B2C area – from support to customer journey and web experience to complaint processes. Targeted questions facilitate the use of process mining and ensure excellent processes over the long term. Here, too, it is worth taking a closer look at some process fields in order to optimize your B2C processes systematically.

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Use Case B2C: Customer-oriented processes

As effective as your internal processes may be, without a good and optimized customer journey it is almost impossible to remain competitive. In the digital age, the first contact of customers with your product, your service or simply your brand is often recorded in data. With Process Mining you make use of this data to offer your clientele excellent service right from the start. Four process fields stand out: the first contact on the company website, the customer journey, the customer support and the claims handling process.

b2c website

Web Analytics

The web presence of a company is the first point of contact for many customers nowadays. This applies to actual online shops and eCommerce platforms as well as to websites without inherent shopping functionality. As a figurehead for your company, your website should therefore provide visitors with the best possible information and opportunities for interaction. A non-optimized user experience leads to long-term customer loss.

Possible analysis questions in Web Analytics:

How much time do customers spend on the website within one session?

How does the behavior flow of visitors look on the website?

How often do potential customers visit the website before buying?

Customer Journey

Even after the initial contact with potential customers, the needs of your customer base must not be neglected. The Customer Journey describes the entire process that customers go through, from the first contact with your product to the purchase and beyond. A good sales funnel is therefore essentially dependent on an excellent Customer Journey.

Possible analysis questions in the Customer Journey:

What are the most common payment methods?

Which factors influence the customer journey positively or negatively?

What is the most common first point of contact between customer and company?

b2c processes

Customer Support

Even after the purchase, customer-oriented processes are crucial for business performance. The most important issue here is customer retention and loyalty, and no process symbolizes this relationship more than support. Excellent customer service turns casual buyers into regular customers, while non-optimized support discourages second and third purchases.

Possible analysis questions in Customer Support:

How long does it take to process support requests?

How much waiting time does the customer spend on hold?

Which possible variants does the support process have for customers?

Claims Handling

Negative experiences with products and services are a natural part of business. This makes it all the more important to design the claims and refund process for buyers to be as excellent as possible. This turns any negative experiences into positive ones, associated with fast service and strong customer orientation.

Possible analysis questions in Claims Handling:

How long does it take to replace defective goods?

What common product issues lead to higher than average complaints?

Which product versions lead to the most amounts of refund claims?

Always keep an eye on the analysis questions. With the free guide to process analysis, including posters and practical index cards, you can use the full potential of your process data in no time at all.