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Author archive for Felix

  • Women in IT – Payal (Senior Frontend Developer)

    By | 05. Mar 2021

    In light of today’s International Women’s Day, Payal, Senior Frontend Developer at Lana Labs talks about her experience in the industry, her passion about the job and gender discrimination in IT. 

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  • Digitisation in the Energy Sector — faster, more precise and more customer-centric with Process Mining | Part 1

    By | 01. Mar 2021

    The energy and utility sector is strongly influenced by digitisation. New IT systems, consumers and processes play an ever greater role.

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  • Lana Labs is Bitkom Associate

    By | 12. Jan 2021

    Wir erweitern unser Partnernetzwerk mit KPMG, einem der führenden Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Beratungsunternehmen.

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  • KPMG and Lana Labs: Strong New Partnership for Your Process Analysis

    By | 16. Dec 2020

    We are expanding our partner network with KPMG, one of the leading auditing and consulting firms.

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  • Lana Labs and bcs-people GmbH conclude strategic partnership for the digital transformation of companies

    By | 18. Nov 2020

    Lana Labs has concluded a strategic partnership with bcs-people GmbH in the field of process mining and data driven process management. 

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  • LANA listed in Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining 2020

    LANA Listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Process Mining

    By | 04. Nov 2020

    LANA has been listed in the Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining for the second consecutive year. After being named the most innovative newcomer in 2019, LANA Process Mining has established itself in the market as one of the leaders when it comes to complex processes, such as manufacturing. 

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  • Process Mining für alle: Datenanalyse ohne Programmierkenntnisse

    Universal Process Mining: Data Analysis without Coding Skills

    By | 22. Oct 2020

    Whether in production, development, marketing or sales – decisions based on solid facts and figures are more soundly based than those based on gut feelings.

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  • Manufacturing processes are perfect use cases for process mining

    Process Mining in Manufacturing: Throughput Rate and Difference

    By | 14. Oct 2020

    A production plant must be planable and flexible: It is important to know when a production order will be completed or how quickly a new production order can be started.

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  • New Joiners at Lana Labs

    New CEO – Dan Wucherpfennig Joins Management Team at Lana Labs

    By | 08. Oct 2020

    For a bit more than a month now, our new CEO Dan Wucherpfennig has been strengthening the management team with our three founders Karina Buschsieweke, Dr. Rami-Habib Eid-Sabbagh and Dr. Thomas Lutterbeck.

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  • Manufacturing processes are perfect use cases for process mining

    How does process mining work and how do manufacturers benefit from it? Part II: Implementation & Analysis

    By | 01. Oct 2020

    Particularly in manufacturing processes, there has been a lot of uncovered efficiency potential. Process Mining is here to realize it.

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