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Better Reporting, Deeper Analysis – LANA June 2018 Release

Better Reporting, Deeper Analysis – LANA June 2018 Release
June 6, 2018 Shirin

LANA in top form

You need a short update of LANA’s update? Or would you like to know what’s new? Then you’ve come to right place!

Our goal is to maximize the success of our clients. That’s why we optimize LANA continuously and push optimized process analysis forward with innovative development.  

Together with our clients we’ve managed to get LANA into top form. Which exciting new features are waiting for you in the current version will be revealed in the following preview.

Optimize your reporting – with optimal management of your dashboard.

May I introduce you to our flexible dashboard? Everything is possible: whether one dashboard or ten dashboards. Create thematically subdivided dashboard pages, retrievable anytime. The organized structure allows you optimal information management for  goal-oriented and effective reporting.

Maximize the potential of your processes – on new analysis levels.  

For example with customized statistic analysis on the dashboard. Scrutinize activities of your process. Enrich your reporting with targeted analyses of process activities. Evaluate activities visually along frequency, duration and other relevant performance indicators. Monitor and comprehend the entire process.

You want to know every detail? – Then the expanded case view is your new friend.

Look at all relevant details, including attributes, of every case in the expanded variants view. That way, you can understand precisely which circumstances lead to a problematic or particularly effective process course.

What’s next?

  • A factory calendar – integrate your working schedule in your analysis
  • External user authentication (LDAP, etc.) – use your existing authentication to access LANA
  • A flexible notebook – check your results via interactive playground
  • A shiny dashboard – visualize and explore data with R

You want to know more? Or do you have own ideas for new features? We gladly incorporate your suggestions into our development process. Feel welcome to schedule a personal appointment.