Process Management

  • Sep022019
    save costs process mining

    4 ways to save costs with Process Mining

    How can you increase resource efficiency and save costs with Process Mining? The solution lies in the analysis and automation of processes.

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  • Aug062019
    Data Thinking - agile design

    Data Thinking: Agility in Digital Transformation

    Data Thinking combines Design Thinking with the CRISP-DM Data Mining approach to sustainably and strategically boost business development.

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  • Aug012019
    Process excellence - header

    What makes processes excellent?

    What does process excellence mean? Which factors of digital analysis make processes excellent? The answer: efficiency, standards and automation.

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  • Jul222019

    Efficient Processes through Process Mining and ESOAR

    Capgemini’s ESOAR framework supports you in all areas of process management, from analysis to optimization and automation of your standardized business processes, for example with RPA.

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  • Jul192019
    performance process mining

    Invest strategically: Process Mining for sustainable performance optimization

    The basis for operational and strategic process management: Optimize performance efficiently and sustainably with LANA Process Mining.

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  • Jun122019
    Kunden-orientierte Prozesse

    Discover the USPs of your Process

    With LANA Process Mining you focus your processes on the most important success factor: the customer. Optimize customer-oriented with LANA.

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  • May092019
    intelligent robotic process automation lana process mining

    This is what companies are overlooking in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    More and more companies use Robotic Process Automation. However, when implementing RPA systems, one important aspect is often overlooked.

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  • Apr262019
    Risk Management Process Mining – Lana Labs – Prevention

    Minimize risks with Process Mining

    LANA Process Mining enables process managers to proactively identify, optimize and prevent risks from the outset.

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  • Apr182019
    Risk Management Process Mining – Lana Labs – Safety

    How LANA Process Mining combines process management and risk management

    Process Mining turns process managers into risk managers. Where do these areas meet and which responsibilities are redistributed by digital transformation?

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  • Feb262019
    agil process mining

    Realizing agility: Process Mining for an agile organization

    We take a closer look at the principles on which Agile Management is based. And how these approaches can be effectively implemented with Process Mining.

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