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  • Future Process Mining

    Gartner and Wil van der Aalst – The Future of Process Mining

    By | 02. Jul 2019

    Gartner talks with Prof. Wil van der Aalst about the future of process mining. The innovation: machine learning and conformance checking.

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  • The Gartner Market Guide – Recommendations in Process Mining

    By | 27. Jun 2019

    The Gartner Market Guide Process Mining shows in which directions the market for process analysis is moving. In focus: customer-oriented processes.

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  • lana labs office

    Gartner names LANA as pioneer in Process Mining

    By | 24. Jun 2019

    According to the Gartner Market Guide Process Mining, Lana Labs focuses far more than other vendors on intelligent data transformation.

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  • Digital Twin – Lana Process Mining – Virtual Twins

    Digital Twins: The Process Twin with LANA

    By | 23. May 2019

    LANA Process Mining builds Digital Twins for your business and production processes. Digital Process Twins as an innovative competitive advantage – learn more in the detailed white paper.

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  • Intelligent RPA & Process Mining

    By | 30. Apr 2019

    What happens when process automation becomes intelligent? We take a look at the future scenario of intelligent RPA in combination with LANA Process Mining.

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  • Understanding Data – From Data Mining to Process Mining

    By | 12. Feb 2019

    We compare Data Mining and Process Mining methodically and check at which point Process Mining has developed into an almost independent discipline.

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  • data scientist

    Data Science in Action: The tip of the data iceberg

    By | 31. Jan 2019

    Josu explains how corporations often have unrealistic expectations and how we have not yet understood the full potential of Machine Learning.

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  • Artificial Intelligence - Ex Machina | Lana Labs

    Artificial Intelligence Debunked – What is A.I. really? | Lana Labs

    By | 28. Jan 2019

    Should Artificial Intelligence be taken seriously or is it still just Science Fiction? What is behind the hype?

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  • Produktion_Chemie

    What is Smart Process Control?

    By | 12. Nov 2018

    What is #SmartProcessControl? What can the technology do and what are the limitations to overcome? Answers to these questions using a practical example can be found in the blog!

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