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Combining ML and Process Mining for Optimal Business Ops | Part I I

By in Process Management, Process Mining

The Lana Labs solution operates on four pillars. The first being to visualize and analyze data. The platform enables customers to visualize their processes and then compare them to find deviations pertaining to the insights. It also helps ensure that they understand the source of the deviation while the solution’s AI-based root cause analysis, the cause behind it. The second pillar is to monitor and react. After processes have been established, users can monitor the deviations and add trigger points such as processes running late, process steps being skipped, or a wrong order in the process automation. The platform helps view and address any issues with the live status, and with its AI-based prediction engine, it can also tell users how likely it is that things will go wrong again. The third pillar focuses on plan and simulate. Many of Lana Labs’ customers use the platform to monitor their core processes. The company is pursuing partnerships with providers of simulation tools that are already known to the industry to enable semi-automatic simulation that customers can then plan within their systems. The final pillar is collaboration and sharing, consisting of the dashboards that will enable users to collaborate and share data between processes. The platform can benchmark the process’s efficiency and then help optimize it for the future.

The critical differentiation of such an advanced platform will only get better with a greater range of adoption.  Lana Labs is currently enjoying a great deal of acceptance in the German-speaking region, and in the next 12 to 18 months, wishes to expand to Europe and Asia. The Lana Labs logo is a penguin, and it is more than just a logo. It is a symbol that Process Mining can do even more than just analyze processes. Analysis with the LANA software already improves the resource consumption of globally operating companies, and they help customers work more sustainably. Beyond the technology, some time ago, Lana Labs also wanted to do something for the environment right from the start. It is here that they decided to adopt a Magellan penguin for every customer license, every new partner and every new team member. Over the years,  Lana Labs have become the biggest supporter of the penguin colony in Southern Chile. And the penguins have not only found their way into the colony but also into their software, website, and logo. “That’s why we are doubly happy about every additional customer and employee, because they help us to preserve these wonderful animals. Working in the IT industry can be an abstract affair. That’s why we always want to remember that we are part of this world, and that includes the responsibility to care for our environment. We support a climate- and nature-friendly lifestyle. Improve the world—one process at a time!” Their environmental efforts and their commitment to providing quality technology solutions to their clients indicate an ideal that truly sets Lana Labs apart in a class of their own.

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