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Conformance Check

Find differences between your target and actual model

Conformance Check – automated Audit-ready

Whether you upload your own target model of your process or simply generate a new one with LANA, the tool automatically detects all recognizable process deviations in the comparison between target and actual status, even between variants.

Instead of having to search for discrepancies yourself, LANA shows you immediately where there is potential for optimization or a business risk. You can see at a glance whether and where there are other process paths, whether activities are skipped or whether they are carried out additionally or repeatedly.

Focus: Analysis of deviations

LANA Conformance Checking focuses on the analysis of deviations.

Deviations: detect for each process variant

The target-performance comparison automatically shows critical deviations in the process flow. And this per process variant.

Target/actual value comparison: fully automated

Thanks to Machine Learning, LANA finds deviations fully automatically. Time-consuming manual analyses are now a thing of the past.

Visualization: deviations directly on the process model

Visualize your deviations directly on the process model and keep the overview.

Create maximum process transparency

On the variant page, your process variants are displayed sorted by frequency. In LANA, the deviations in the activities detected by LANA Conformance Checking are also displayed. In this way you create maximum transparency variant by variant.

In LANA you also have the chance to zoom into each variant and discover the cases more precisely.

Detect deviations in a targeted manner

Due to the extensive filter settings in LANA, it is possible to concentrate possible investigations on certain process and performance deviations. In addition, both deviations and conformance are added as metrics to dashboard diagrams.

Analyze deviations with automated root cause analysis

Carry out the LANA root cause analysis based on the deviations found. Our root cause analysis uses machine learning to determine correlations in the data. These otherwise hidden correlations make it possible to find the reasons for deviations automatically.

Your advantages thanks to Conformance Checking

Find deviations from the real process

In process modelling, ideal target states are often based on certain internal and external regulations such as SLAs. In addition, a target process model can be outdated or weaknesses in classical modelling methods, for example inaccuracies in the information on which the model is based, lead to deviations between the target modelling and the real process. Such deviations lead to faulty analyses and thus result in little or no effective measures for optimization.

Finding the causes of deviations

When deviations are found, it is often difficult to find out what causes them. What are the deviations? Are activities omitted, skipped or in a different order? Are these deviations desirable or undesirable? Do the deviations only occur under certain conditions or are they now part of the process standard? All these questions are relevant to understand and classify deviations and to find appropriate solutions. Without a comprehensive data basis these questions can hardly be answered soundly.

Transform strategically. Implement smartly. Optimize sustainably.

With LANA Process Mining you have full control over your digitization strategy. You can find out how LANA makes your company faster, more efficient and smarter by talking to our experts.