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Digital Twins: The Process Twin with LANA

Digital Twins: The Process Twin with LANA
May 23, 2019 Jonny
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How Process Mining Creates the Digital Process Twin

Digitized business models. Automated workflows. Big data, analytics, prediction. Nowadays, data transparency is one of the most important success factors for companies. However, the more work is controlled by computer systems, the more insight and understanding about the actual processes is lost. To recognize clear correlations from cryptic system data without technical support is often an impossible challenge to solve. This will be one of the main reasons why the development of the Digital Twin is making such a big splash.

Without the right software, however, companies usually remain in the dark, because the creation of a Digital Twin is not trivial. This is where Process Mining comes in. But what does digital process analysis have to do with Digital Twins? And why should you use these technologies in your organization?

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The Digital Twin – From Product to Process

A Digital Twin Framework is a completely virtual simulation of specific aspects of a company. Classically, this technology was first developed in the manufacturing industry. The ability to reproduce the most complex products (such as car engines) in digital space is revolutionizing countless facets of production. It sets new horizons in controlling, predictive simulations and research & development. Manufacturers can check the status of their products in real time, sometimes even during operation. They can safely test risk scenarios in a virtual framework. And they can use the data-based representations to optimize products and develop new variants.

Digital Twin – Lana Process Mining – Product Twins

But does this mean that Digital Twins are irrelevant for organizations outside the manufacturing industry? On the contrary. What would you think if we told you that you too can perform status monitoring in near real time, test risks and proactively optimize your business? In accounting, in logistics, in customer service, and yes, also in production. The key: the Digital Process Twin.

What has already been presented in Manufacturing as a Digital Product Twin can also be applied to entire business processes thanks to the latest technological advances. A Process Twin visualizes the procedures within a process – for example, the Purchase-to-Pay process in Purchasing, from the initiation of the order to invoice settlement, including all individual process steps. However, this digitally created process model not only enables the monitoring of processes. It also allows drill-down to specific optimization options. The result is leaner, more efficient processes that give you a clear competitive advantage through higher performance.

Digital Twin – Lana Process Mining – Virtual Twins

Unlock Digital Process Twins – with LANA Process Mining

The proverbial stepping stone for these process twins is Process Mining. A tool like LANA is precisely designed to create virtual images of your processes based on the data of your IT systems. These then serve as the basis for sustainable optimization and smart controlling.

Unlike other Process Mining software, LANA even goes one step further. Through Machine Learning, the solution is able to identify patterns in possible deviations of your processes. The check for process conformance and especially the analysis for optimization potentials is fully automated and brings you the necessary results within seconds.

The Digital Process Twin thus becomes a decisive success factor for companies in any industry, in every business area. The technology that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry in the past is now available to all companies thanks to LANA.

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