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Frequently Asked Questions

License model and availability

1. In which form is LANA Process Mining provided?

LANA Process Mining is provided as a subscription model and in various packages. The duration of the subscription is 1 or 3 years. Basically, it is offered both as a cloud and on-premises variant.

2. What are the requirements for the cloud variant?

For the cloud version of LANA Process Mining you only need an active internet connection and any browser. There is no specific operating system or browser required. We recommend using Google Chrome.

The following browser versions are supported:

  • Chrome 79.0 or higher
  • Firefox 71.0 or higher
  • Edge 44.18362.449.0 or higher
  • Opera 65.0 or higher

3. What are the requirements for the on-premises variant?

The following information refers to a number of five analysts working simultaneously and to one node each (one node is required as a minimum) The requirements may need to be adjusted in terms of log size and number of users.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04*, Windows
  • Hardware: Must support virtualization**
  • RAM: 16 GB (depending on data size)
  • CPU: Minimum of 4 (virtual) cores, 
  • Disks: 32 GB min (root), 32 GB data SSD (mount at /var/lib/docker)
  • Required software: Docker CE
  • Inbound traffic to the host: 443 TCP (HTTPS), 80 TCP (HTTP)*** (optional), 22 TCP (SSH)****
  • Outbound traffic to the internet:,, Standard operating system package repositories

* Ubuntu is preferred, other mainline Linux distributions are suitable as well.
** For an optimal experience, the hardware should be dedicated to Lana software and support virtualization.
*** Port 80 will redirect to 443, we configure HTTPS and set the secure flag on all cookies.
**** For managed deployments only, we use SSH to access Linux machines and RDP for Windows machines.

For more information on managed services or unmanaged services, please contact us (

4. Which packages of LANA Process Mining are available?

LANA is offered in the packages “LANA Starter Package”, “LANA Best” and “LANA Enterprise”. The packages differ in the number of analysts and viewers.

The LANA Starter Package offers 5 analysts and 10 viewers. The number of processes and the size of the logs* are unlimited. Included is the roll-out support in the first year and the basic support. 

The LANA Best Package offers 20 analysts and an unlimited number of viewers. The number of processes and the size of the logs* are unlimited. Includes first year roll-out support and basic support. 

The LANA Enterprise Package offers an unlimited number of analysts and an unlimited number of viewers. The number of processes and the size of the logs* are unlimited. Included is the roll-out support in the first year and the basic support.

* for on-premises (limited to 1 GB in the cloud version)

5. Which pricing model is used for the individual packages?

For more detailed information on the prices of the various packages, please contact our sales team (

6. Are there additional costs when using LANA Process Mining?

Additional costs may be incurred for additional help in the areas of implementation, development, project support and training.* Furthermore, there is a premium support, which is not included in the LANA Process Mining packages. There are also additional costs when using SAP standard connectors and the LANA ETL Transformation Server.

* Basic help with the implementation of your process mining project is included in the license purchase in the form of roll-out support.


7. Is it possible to test LANA Process Mining?

Interested parties have the possibility to get test access to LANA Process Mining. You can request your test access via our contact form (

8. Can I use LANA Process Mining also on other end devices?

Because LANA Process Mining was developed on the basis of a responsive design and is accessible via a browser, it can also be used on other end devices, such as tablets or monitoring screens on a shop floor, for example to display dashboards or perform analyses.

Requirements for Process Mining

1. Are there certain requirements for me to be able to apply Process Mining in my company?

Yes, the basic prerequisite for performing a process mining analysis is the availability of certain data points, for example from IT systems, machine or sensor data. On the one hand this is the identification of the case, the name of the event and at least one time stamp. In addition, any number of other attributes can be taken into account in the analysis.

2. Our process is only partially implemented by digital means. Does a process mining analysis make sense at all?

This depends on how the data acquisition was implemented in the non-digital part of the process and how relevant this part of the process is for the analysis. It is irrelevant whether the process is implemented digitally or not, as long as all relevant data points for a process mining analysis are documented, for example via machine or sensor data.

Alternatively, you can analyze only the subprocesses for which you have the data. In principle, process mining is a good opportunity to check the quality and documentation of the data collection and to extend it if necessary.


3. Do I need a specific background to use LANA Process Mining?

No. LANA Process Mining has a very user-friendly interface and was developed in such a way that it can be used even without a technical background. For a short introduction to the topic, we recommend attending a webinar or demo in which we discuss certain topics or questions together.

Of course, you can also inform yourself at any time about the integrated feature tour in LANA Process Mining, our blog articles, our glossary, our user manual or our support service.

Connection of IT systems and data transfer

1. How are the process data loaded into LANA Process Mining?

You have two options for the data import: Either the data is extracted from your IT system, transformed and the data set is loaded into LANA Process Mining or the connection is made via the open REST API of LANA Process Mining.

2. What are the advantages of uploading a record?

The extraction of the data can be implemented quickly and requires little preparation. This makes it the fastest way to start or test LANA Process Mining.

3. What are the advantages of connecting the system via the REST API of LANA Process Mining?

The connection via an interface enables continuous process monitoring and insight into the process implementation. This is possible in near real time and you can directly check the effects of process changes and whether the process implementation is improving. Once the interface has been set up and configured, there is no additional work involved in data transfer.

4. Is it possible to load data continuously into LANA Process Mining?

Yes, it’s possible. The continuous loading of data from the source system can be triggered using three different methods. 1. trigger request via the source system and data transfer via a “direct” interface connection 2. trigger request via the LANA ETL Transformation Server / Service and data transfer via a “direct” interface connection (connection in real-time). 3. trigger request via a source system or LANA Process Mining and data transfer via a file server.

5. For which IT systems is LANA Process Mining suitable?

LANA Process Mining can process data from all IT systems, including in-house developments. We have a multi-source approach, i.e. we allow many different data sources. If we have already worked with the software you use, the effort for data transformation or connection is significantly lower. It is only necessary to prepare the data so that it contains case IDs, event names and at least one time stamp.

6. We do not use standard software - can we still use LANA Process Mining?

Some of our customers use self-developed software. It is only necessary to prepare the data in a way that it contains case IDs, event names and at least one timestamp. If required, we develop individual transformation services for your system. Alternatively, data extracts in csv format can be loaded into LANA Process Mining.

7. Our process is implemented in different IT systems - can we analyze the process in LANA Process Mining?

Several IT systems in use lead to several data extracts, which then have to be unified by a data transformation and combined into one file. After a complete transformation, which we are happy to support, the csv file can be loaded into LANA Process Mining as usual.

8. Can we perform the data transformation ourselves?

Yes, you can use our analysis index cards or our blog to find out how a data transformation is implemented. Alternatively, you are welcome to write to our experts. We also recommend to check if all necessary requirements for the application of Process Mining are met (Case ID, Event Name, at least one timestamp).

9. What if we do not have the resources / sufficient personnel to perform a data transformation?

If you do not have sufficient resources to carry out a data transformation independently, we or our partners will be happy to support you in doing so.*

*If necessary, additional costs may arise

10. Can evaluation results be integrated into other solutions, such as BI solutions like Tableau?

All analysis results and key figures visible in LANA Process Mining can be integrated into another tool via the free REST API. For example, we have customers who use data from LANA Process Mining in MS Power BI or Jira.

11. Which standard protocols / exchange formats are supported for import and export?

It is possible to import log files as CSV files and to create a new CSV file from a filtered log. Created BPMN models can be imported and exported using the common standard format, i.e. as a .bpmn file. Set filter settings can also be exported and imported. This is done using the JSON format. In addition, diagrams and illustrations, for example from the statistics page or dashboard, can be exported as PNG, PDF, JPEG or SVG files.


1. What support models does Lana Labs provide?

Lana Labs provides its customers with Basic Support as well as Premium Support. In addition, the purchase of a license for LANA Process Mining includes roll-out support for the first year.

2. What does Basic Support include?

The Basic Support from Lana Labs included in the license includes support via chat and e-mail support with a response time of up to 3 days. Basic Support is included with the purchase of a LANA Process Mining package.

3. What does Premium Support include?

Lana Labs Premium Support includes telephone, video, chat and email support with a 24 hour response time. Premium Support is not included in the purchase of a LANA Process Mining package.

4. What does the roll-out support include in the first year?

The Roll-Out Support from Lana Labs includes:

  • Implementation project: joint connection and analysis of one of your processes, expert support for up to 10 consulting days
  • Expert support: Fixed contact person by telephone and web meeting up to 6 consultant days
  • 1-day training course: Explanation of the process mining basics and procedures as well as the analysis of a use case
  • Quarterly Process Mining Talk: Exchange of best practices and lessons learned and joint development of success stories for internal communication

5. How do I get support from Lana Labs via chat?

In LANA Process Mining there is an icon in the lower left corner of the screen which can be used to open the support chat. Simply enter your question or request in the chat window and our colleagues will get back to you within 3 days.

6. How do I get support from Lana Labs via email?

To receive support by e-mail, simply write an e-mail with your question or request to Our colleagues will get back to you within 3 days.

7. Are training courses available and if so, are they possible on site?

A one-day training course is included in the Roll-Out Support, which is included in the presented packages. This training provides basic information about Process Mining Basics, methods and the analysis of concrete use cases. 

In addition, Lana Labs and its partner network offer training and support in various areas:

  • Support in the planning and technical operation of the solution
  • Support in importing and preparing data
  • Help with the preparation and interpretation of analyses
  • Technical advice on analysis issues
  • Training for the use of the technology and advanced data transformation
  • Consulting around Process Mining
  • Configuration of IT system interfaces
  • Consulting for the creation of customer-specific dashboards

All training courses are offered as web and on-site training.

8. Does Lana Labs offer free resources on process mining?

Lana Labs offers besides the process mining solution LANA Process Mining many different knowledge resources around process mining: 


1. How often are updates released?

Lana Labs follows the Shape-Up process during development. The release cycles of the software are thus 6 weeks or 2 months for more extensive functionalities. Should hot fixes be necessary, these will be made available as patches for existing versions as soon as possible.

2. How do I find out about upcoming updates?

The users of LANA Process Mining are informed in advance about pending updates by mail, newsletter or telephone. In addition, training in the use of LANA Process Mining and new functions are offered.

3. How is LANA Process Mining updated?

In the case of cloud installations, the update process takes place automatically. For the update of on-premises versions, appointments are made with our customers to install the update.

4. How is the quality control of updates guaranteed?

All our functions and components go through a three-stage approval and quality management process before they are delivered to our customers. The three stages are: 

  1. release compatibility tests
  2. functional tests
  3. user tests


Privacy Policy

1. Can personal data be included anonymously in the analysis?

Personal information may be disguised by Lana Labs in a number of ways.

On the one hand the data can be pseudonymized. This allows filtering for individual users, but the user name is alienated. In case of compliance violations, usernames or employee names can be revoked. On the other hand, personal data can be made anonymous. This means that user names and user IDs can be made anonymous and cannot be traced back to their original value. Alternatively, this data cannot be imported into LANA Process Mining at all and can therefore be completely excluded from the analysis.

2. With which cloud provider is LANA Process Mining hosted?

If the cloud version is purchased from LANA Process Mining, we will host it with the cloud provider Google Cloud Platform. The associated data center is located in Frankfurt am Main.

3. Is the Google cloud platform certified for secure data processing?

The Google Cloud Platform is certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, EU Model Contract Clauses, GDPR, SOC 1, SOC2 and SOC 3. More information on the Google Cloud Platform certifications can be found at

4. Is the data stored encrypted?

By default, all object data is encrypted by the Google Cloud platform. For encryption the algorithm AES256 is used. We have no access to the key.

You couldn’t find what you were looking for here? Then do not hesitate and contact us personally either by chat or mail.