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The Gartner Market Guide – Recommendations in Process Mining

The Gartner Market Guide – Recommendations in Process Mining
June 27, 2019 Jonny
In Process Mining, Research

In 2018, the market research company Gartner published the “Market Guide for Process Mining” for the first time, thus setting a global example for digital change. As the first international market comparison and trend analysis in the field of process mining, it proved the potential of data-driven process analysis for companies.

Now Gartner has released the latest version of the Market Guide for Process Mining. Even a year later, it confirms the continuing trends in the Process Mining market. According to Gartner: “New forms of automation (e.g., robotic process automation) and knowledge of the underlying processes/interactions are key to digital transformation. Process mining helps […] assess operations and performance, increasing these initiatives’ value.”

Gartner Market Guide Process Mining

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The Future of Your Processes – Recommendations from the Market Guide Process Mining

Despite the increasing attention for Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence, many companies are still hesitant to take the first step towards process optimization. Gartner therefore presents a series of recommendations that motivate acceptance of these solutions. Even more importantly, market researchers see these initiatives as imperative for companies to remain competitive in the future.

Both in strategy and in daily operations, it is essential to make the actual performance of business processes measurable. Only in this way can companies react quickly to changes, adapt to current developments and even set new best practices in their process flows.

Market Guide Process Mining – Gartner Future

The next level: Process Mining in the Customer Journey

While Process Mining is already increasingly used for the analysis of internal structures, a new focus should be set in the future. The next step in using this technology is to optimize customer-oriented processes. Gartner calls this Customer Journey Mining. The advantages are obvious: improving the customer experience and thus strengthening customer loyalty. At the same time, companies can align the real customer journey with internal process strategies.

The ideal partner for process excellence

LANA Process Mining convinced Gartner especially. In a worldwide comparison of providers, Lana Labs was explicitly highlighted for its focus on data transformation and the use of machine learning in process analysis. Gartner confirms LANA’s unique position in the market.

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