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Gartner names LANA as pioneer in Process Mining

Gartner names LANA as pioneer in Process Mining
June 24, 2019 Jonny

With the Gartner Market Guide Process Mining, the renowned market researchers Gartner present tangible proof of how important process analysis is for companies today. The technology represents one of the most important drivers in the digital transformation of businesses.

Finally, process mining has moved into areas other than process discovery, such as conformance checking, productivity improvement, customer interactions and social networks. It has even spread into areas of the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing and logistics distribution networks, which have demonstrated the sustainable value-creating capabilities of process mining. Recently, we have seen evidence of process mining providing one of the cornerstones of a companywide digital transformation initiative.
(Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining 2019)

However, companies should be careful to work with a software provider that promotes the continuous improvement process sustainably and data-driven.

Here’s the good news: That’s our specialty.

Transform strategically. Implement smartly. Optimize sustainably.

With LANA Process Mining you have full control over your digitization strategy. You can find out how LANA makes your company faster, more efficient and smarter by talking to our experts.

LANA Process Mining – Pioneer for the intelligent analysis

The common use cases – process discovery, visualization and basic analysis – are served by the majority of process mining providers. However, this is only the lower limit of what is possible. It is therefore important for analysis tools to open up new avenues for their users with process mining.

In the international comparison, LANA Process Mining is particularly outstanding. Gartner confirms LANA’s effectiveness thanks to advanced automation through machine learning, flexible and open interfaces and a special focus on efficient data transformation.

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Automated analysis – Machine Learning in the root cause analysis

In order to use the full potential of your business processes, the superficial identification of problem points is no longer sufficient. LANA’s unique root cause analysis uses an intelligent algorithm to get to the bottom of bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. This focus on determining root causes allows companies not only to specifically check their conformance, but also to effectively optimize their business.

Easy integration into complex systems – LANA’s Open API

LANA Process Mining uses open interfaces to connect directly to any IT system. Thus the tool is completely system agnostic. Users can easily integrate it as a building block into more complex networks. This also applies to LANA’s independent ETL service for uncomplicated data processing.

Simple solution for Big Data – Market leader in data transformation

Gartner confirms: Far beyond other providers, Lana Labs makes it easier for its customers to seamlessly manage even highly complex data volumes. Both the LANA Process Mining analysis tool and Lana Labs’ own data transformation platform specialize in standardizing all types of process data. This makes data an easily scalable basis for optimization measures.

Gartner Market Guide Process Mining

The most important step towards process excellence – LANA blazes the trail

Lana Labs is your ideal partner in developing your digital business strategy. With Lana Labs, you combine in-depth expertise in the areas of big data, machine learning and process management with the previously undiscovered potential of your process data. By focusing on complex data processing and LANAs open interfaces, you avoid countless problems in connecting to complicated systems. Instead of incompatible data, LANA gives you process transparency at the click of a button – within seconds.