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Gartner Tech Trends for 2019 – With Process Mining into the Future

Gartner Tech Trends for 2019 – With Process Mining into the Future
November 7, 2018 Jonny

Every autumn, market researchers, marketers and industry bloggers ask the same question: Which technologies will be most successful next year? And what should IT companies keep a special eye on? What is just hype and what has serious potential for success? At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018, Gartner’s renowned market experts pledged to answer these questions.

At the event, Gartner presented the most important technology trends for 2019. The choice fell on technologies that have a particularly high strategic value. Strategic in this context means: “Get it while it’s still hot”. Gartner describes them as trends that are on the threshold of experiencing a breakthrough in their application and moving into general use. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain – the candidates of recent years are now widely known and popular. Disruptive potential is the magic word here.

Gartner Trends Technology 2019 – Future Trends | Lana Labs

Gartner Trends: Market Experts Select Top 10 Technologies for 2019

Among the topics mentioned by Gartner, this year’s focus is on interconnectivity, i.e. the ability to link different smart technologies. It is therefore not surprising that many of the trends share common fields.

AI-based trends

Artificial Intelligence is still at the top of the list as a topic that has a lasting influence on the industry. With Autonomous Things, AI-Driven Development and Smart Spaces, it also includes three of the top 10 trends for 2019. “Autonomous Things” describes the concept of independently operating machines. “AI-Driven Development” deals with the AI-supported development of new software. And the creation of Smart Homes, Smart Workplaces and entire Smart Cities is summarized in “Smart Spaces”. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a decisive factor in the design of new technologies.

Computing trends

A lot is happening in the further development of the memory and computing power of computer systems. Gartner mentions three important trends here as well: As expected, Blockchain is involved, researching the possibilities of decentralized digitization. Empowered Edge, on the other hand, describes the stronger focus on information processing close to the end devices of users. It thus represents an alternative approach to cloud computing. Beyond the consumer markets, Quantum Computing is increasingly gaining ground. Especially in research, computer systems can now use it to perform calculations at the molecular level.

User-based trends

Meanwhile, the trends Immersive Experience and Digital Ethics and Privacy deal with the role of humans in the tech environment. Virtual and Augmented Reality offer almost limitless possibilities, not only for the entertainment industry but also for eCommerce. Data protection and the ethical handling of digital identities are of particular importance here.

Gartner Trends Technology 2019 – Immersive Experience | Lana Labs

Process Mining as a future trend

Yes, that’s right. Process Mining was also mentioned as a disruptive trend at the Gartner Symposium. Under the term Augmented Analytics, it covers the field of data-based business optimization together with Digital Twin Technology. We at Lana Labs have also frequently asked ourselves about the future of process mining.

Gartner Trends Technology 2019 – Process Mining | Lana Labs

Process Mining in BPM and Data Science

Gartner sees the future of process mining developing into a key factor in data preparation, data analysis and business process management. And indeed: Process Mining is already making waves, especially in business process management. The more companies digitize their processes, the greater the relevance of automated process analysis.

Integration in Enterprise Applications

The next prophecy is already lived reality with process mining tools like LANA. Process Mining is increasingly being offered not only as a stand-alone tool, but also as an analysis component integrated into other software. The consequence is a greater variety in the market: from pure stand-alone process mining solutions to hybrid offerings with process mining components to fully integrated process mining as a feature of larger software.

Citizen Data Scientists

Gartner also sees the increasing awareness and acceptance of Process Mining as a trend towards so-called Citizen Data Scientists. What this means is that the currently sophisticated data preparation no longer necessarily has to be the profession of trained data scientists. Many tools are already very user-friendly, even for laypersons.
However, data scientists do not have to worry about their future. Every usability and accessibility has its limits. Especially more complex, cross-system processes – the classic use case of Process Mining – will continue to require the support of experts in order to develop their full potential.

Enthusiastically into the future

The insights from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2018 give us confidence. They shed light on some promising new technologies and confirm many of the impressions that we as a software company are already experiencing, especially in the Process Mining market. Lana Labs can look forward with anticipation. In any case, we are already excited about the top 10 trends for 2020.

The same naturally applies to our customers (and those who would like to become customers). The forecast for Process Mining and other Smart Technologies is rising steeply. So it’s worth getting to know these new technologies sooner rather than later. Although we cannot help you with blockchain and quantum computing, we are happy to advise you on Process Mining!