IT System

An IT system is a system that processes data electronically. “Processing” means the provision, organization, storage, sharing, use, modification and deletion of data. IT systems require hardware, software and functions to process data.

Since the processing of large amounts of data in particular is supported or even made possible by IT systems, they are now ubiquitous and unavoidable in many areas. For example, many large companies use SAP to map their entire corporate landscape. Since all incoming deliveries, orders received, invoices etc. are mapped in such a system, huge amounts of data are created. Furthermore, this changes the entire value chain of the company. If more and more business processes are mapped via IT systems, they usually run faster and can also be automated more easily because they are already digitally implemented.

Examples of IT systems are computers, database systems, distributed systems, information systems, digital measurement systems, mobile phones and game consoles.


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