Process Analyst

A process analyst is a person whose task is to examine the processes of a company, for instance with regard to their performance. Models, key figures and other indicators are used for this task. Based on these analyses, process weaknesses and further optimization potentials can be identified. In Process Mining, it is also possible to perform a data-based and, if necessary, automated root cause analysis in order to find clues to the sources of the problems.

What are the tasks of process analysts?

Process analysts mainly act during the process optimization and process controlling phases of the process management lifecycle. In process optimization, they are responsible for finding optimization potentials in the processes and improving on them. In addition, they define key figures and, under certain circumstances, record relevant data. During the process controlling phase, the process analysts are responsible for monitoring the processes and key figures. They analyze the process performance again and compare it with the data from process optimization and other earlier key figures. The results of the analyses must be prepared and passed on to the process managers and department heads or other managers.


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