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Process Management Lifecycle

Process Management Lifecycle

Process Management Lifecycle

The process management lifecycle is a model for the continuous implementation and improvement of processes and business process management in a company. The life cycle consists of the following six phases:

Process Management Lifecycle - Process Mining Glossary | Lana Labs


First, a company must develop a process strategy. It then documents the processes currently in use and optimizes them on the basis of the defined process strategy. In the next phase, the company introduces the optimized processes into its existing process landscape. Employees carry out the processes as a result of the implementation and thus make it possible to record their performance. The recorded performance data and key figures can be used in the last phase of the process management lifecycle to check whether guideline values are adhered to or whether there are bottlenecks and thus optimization potential.

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Why is the Process Management Lifecycle so important?

Since the process management lifecycle represents a structured procedure for the management and improvement of processes, process management is made easier overall. The responsible persons know in each phase what has to be done and which step follows next. In addition, the cycle forms a very good basis for a company to start with strategic, systematic process management, as it contains all the necessary steps for this. But also for companies that already practice process management, the process management lifecycle is a very good method to check in which phase they are, what has to be considered and whether all relevant information and persons have been included. Through the step-by-step approach, there are also clear questions, influences and results.


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