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Process Manager

Process Manager

Process Manager

Process managers are individuals responsible for the concrete processes of a company. Their tasks range from creating a process strategy to process documentation, process optimization, process implementation and process controlling. Process controlling or process analysis is often carried out by process analysts or in cooperation with them. A process manager thus works on the process during the entire process management lifecycle.

What are the tasks of process managers?

As already mentioned, process managers are involved in the entire process management lifecycle. They generally have the following tasks:

The managers develop the process strategy and individual process goals from the company’s strategy. They take into account aspects such as the type of process optimization (CIP or complete re-engineering) and the introduction of process standards. Even the outsourcing of individual process steps or entire processes can fall into their purview.

The process managers develop guidelines that define the modeling language, so that the processes can be modeled. Once the processes have been modeled, they check the models for their methodical correctness. The technical examination, on the other hand, is carried out by employees with the necessary technical know-how. Process managers then publish the models and ensure that they are up-to-date.

In the course of process optimization, implementation and execution of the processes, process managers are responsible for ensuring that they continue to run in conformity and comply with the defined compliance. Often these tasks are also carried out by a Chief Process Officer (CPO), which in practice, though, only exists in companies with large process management departments.

If this is not the case, the support of the operational execution of the process can also be a task area of the process manager. Then the control of the processes, development and execution of process controlling, the planning of the process objectives and/or performance and process resources, the cooperation with adjacent processes as well as the modeling of processes lie in their field of responsibility.


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