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How LANA Process Mining combines process management and risk management

How LANA Process Mining combines process management and risk management
April 18, 2019 Jonny

Process management and risk management are usually seen as two separate areas. While process managers are responsible, among other things, for ensuring that all relevant business processes run correctly, risk managers seem to have a larger task. They not only solve and prevent individual risk cases on an individual basis, but also manage strategic risks at the macro level.

But what if this supposed separation, this implicit hierarchy, actually no longer applies?

LANA Process Mining gives process managers a groundbreaking new toolkit. The automated analysis of business processes with LANA offers on the one hand an ideal solution for holistic and sustainable process management. On the other hand, LANA also effectively identifies and avoids critical risks.

Risk Management Process Mining – Lana Labs – Preparation

In the first part of this article, we look at the overlaps between process management and risk management as a result of the introduction of Process Mining. In the second part, we will get down to the nitty-gritty: How does LANA Process Mining solve critical business risks?

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The Risk 101

Companies have always been exposed to a large number of potential risks. Possible dangers arise from the introduction of new technologies, inaccurate planning of resources or errors in internal processes. However, corporate political factors or entirely external influences such as changes in the market can also represent a high risk potential.

Today, many of these areas overlap, especially in highly digitized companies. Effective communication on the bridge between process management and risk management is the key to good prevention.

This bridge is built with LANA. The tool enables process managers to analyze both process-specific risks and many of the resulting risk areas systematically.

Will risk management become obsolete?

On the contrary, it becomes more precise. With LANA Process Mining, process managers adapt their business units directly to perceived challenges. They can adjust process planning to possible deviations in the workflow, bottlenecks in the material flow and data-driven problem areas.

This allows risk managers to focus even more closely on controlling those areas not covered by Process Mining – external factors, market developments and political changes.

Risk Management Process Mining – Lana Labs – Safety

Process and risk management, hand in hand – with LANA

In the various fields of risk management, there has always been an overlap with process analysis. LANA Process Mining enables process managers to independently detect, investigate and sustainably optimize these risks. We explain how exactly the tool masters these tasks in the second part.

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