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Invest strategically: Process Mining for sustainable performance optimization

Invest strategically: Process Mining for sustainable performance optimization
July 19, 2019 Shirin

Automation, data analysis, artificial intelligence – which IT investment pays off in process management? Companies often have clear requirements: The process solution should eliminate weak points as quickly as possible, increase efficiency and minimize manual effort. The priority is the efficient realization of concrete process goals. Because of this, the selection criteria for possible software solutions often have a high operational focus. At the strategic level, however, other factors are relevant to create sustainable value. These include process transparency, the development of agile process structures, customer orientation, and a continuous improvement process.

performance process mining

Fortunately, you don’t have to limit yourself to just a single factor. With LANA Process Mining you get a comprehensive insight into the real process flows and can perform profound performance measurements at the process level. LANA combines controlling and data-based analysis. This gives you the facts you need to evaluate your process strategy, develop it further and derive suitable optimization measures.

Process strategy begins with a detailed analysis of the current process.

The basis for this are log files, which are used to trace all operations within a given process in detail. You can analyze this data using various process mining methods to identify weaknesses and strengths, potentials and risks. Since LANA Process Mining allows you to view the process over time ranges, you can also identify process developments and trends. Based on this data, you can set up a suitable process strategy and monitor its effectiveness at the same time. LANA Process Mining supports you in the selection of process objectives, the creation of action measures and continuous process improvement.

Our white paper on performance measurements with LANA Process Mining explains what LANA can do to support process management.

In this white paper, you will learn how to perform digital, data-driven process management using performance measurements. We will show you…

… why process mining is crucial for strategic and operational management.

… how to set up prioritized and goal-oriented process analyses in LANA.

… how to identify process performance indicators with the help of LANA’s features.

… how to identify success and risk factors and implement root cause analyses.

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