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KPMG and Lana Labs: Strong New Partnership for Your Process Analysis

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We are expanding our partner network with KPMG, one of the leading auditing and consulting firms.

Amassed know-how in data-driven process management: With LANA Process Mining and KPMG’s expertise, in the context of process optimization and implementation projects, we are placing the focus and activities primarily on the financial and energy sectors as well as manufacturing, where real value creation can be achieved precisely because of the complexity of the processes.

The partnership with KPMG will enable customers to perform process analyses even more efficiently using LANA’s state-of-the-art process mining tool by incorporating KPMG’s wealth of experience and LANA’s latest developments. This is because LANA’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm identifies potential savings and optimization in corporate processes on a data-based and automated basis.

LANA’s customers include companies from various industries, such as telecommunications and automotive, as well as companies from the healthcare and financial sectors.

LANA’s innovation potential is a key criterion for our success. Not only did Gartner recently rate us as one of the leading providers in the global process mining market for the third time in a row, but we also won this year’s Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award.


Would you like to learn more about a potential partnership or discuss your individual process mining use case? Then book your individual tool demo now!