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LANA Cloud vs. LANA On-Premises

LANA Cloud vs. LANA On-Premises
January 14, 2019 Franzi

At first view, the cloud and on-premises versions of LANA Process Mining appear identical in use and functions. Many customers are faced with the challenge of choosing between these two deployment options.

A closer look at the different versions of LANA shows: The differences lie in the details. While the on-premises version focuses on full security control, it is also inflexible and expensive to maintain. The cloud version demands a little more trust from the customer here, but impresses with much greater flexibility and can be adapted to a company’s needs in terms of resources.

Let’s look at the most important differences in detail.


On-Premis vs Cloud Computing

What does On-Premises mean?

On-Premises describes the traditional way of software deployment. A company that wants to use LANA Process Mining installs it on its own server after purchasing it. This means that the tool in this variant is located on the computers or servers in the customer’s data center. In addition to purchasing the software, a company often has to make further financial investments, for example for the required hardware as well as for operation and maintenance. If many computing resources are required, e.g. if very large amounts of data are to be processed without performance losses, additional high hardware costs are incurred. Especially when there are irregular peaks in capacity utilization, the company has to maintain a large amount of hardware resources.

In addition, the customers themselves are responsible for the maintenance of the hardware and software. This often includes hiring expensive IT specialists. In addition, with large system landscapes, the company may be so busy operating and maintaining its IT that it neglects its core activities.

The advantage of LANA On-Premises is that the customer data does not leave the company and the company has full control over access and the security mechanisms in place.

The modern way to deliver software, on the other hand, is in the cloud.

What does “in the cloud” mean?

“In the cloud” means that the software is not installed at the user company, but on the hardware of the software provider or on hardware rented by the company in a data center.

The cloud version of LANA Process Mining is provided by us (Lana Labs) on central servers in a data center in Germany. If more resources are needed, cloud solutions automatically scale up to a set limit. This means that there is no need to keep resources available, nor do customers have to purchase their own servers. This, of course, saves costs.

LANA is installed on instances of the virtual servers and made available to the customer via a web address or a link as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This also makes it possible to use the software with mobile devices at any location without any additional effort. With the yearly paid rent, the smooth operation, as well as the maintenance and updating of the tool, is guaranteed and ensured by us. The customers do not have to build up further expertise for another software system internally and therefore no longer have to deal with difficulties in the tool themselves but can concentrate on their core business and working with the software.

What are the main differences?

Some differences between LANA On-Premises and LANA Cloud have already been listed in the previous sections. These and more are shown briefly in the following table.

On-Premises Cloud
Deployment On customers hardware or hardware rented by customer On providers hardware or hardware reted by provider
Access Only accessable via customers hardware or via VPN access Access indipendet of device and location
Maintenance and Updates Customer takes care of maintanence and updates of hardware, software and service Lana Labs takes care of maintanence and updates of hardware, software and services
Costs Costs for hardware (multiple if necessary); running costs for maintenance, electricity, premises and specialist staff One-year license for all used software including environment and maintenance
Security Customers are responsible for data security, fulfillment of security requirements and standards Lana Labs uses the highest possible security standards in its own software and at the selected provider
Scalability Only by purchasing new hardware or keeping large capacities available Automatic and free of charge


In general, LANA in the cloud version is an easy and fast way to get started with Process Mining. In addition, our customers can concentrate on their core business and do not have to worry about the operation and maintenance of the software. In practice, however, many customers are still skeptical about security, but do not want to miss the flexibility and simplicity offered by a cloud solution. Some customers therefore choose the middle way via a private, company-internal, cloud or hybrid cloud solution to use LANA Process Mining.


Do you still have questions? No problem at all. Let’s just talk about it personally. We are happy to discuss with you which solution is best for you.