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Lana Labs Penguins – Sustainability in Tech

Lana Labs Penguins – Sustainability in Tech
February 5, 2019 Jonny
In Lana Labs

It shouldn’t take extreme climate catastrophes and the ongoing extinction of animal species to realize that there’s much to be done for the environment. Naturally, companies and corporations carry a large part of that responsibility. And the Tech sector, one of the largest industries in the modern world, has to accept that burden as well. That of course includes us at Lana Labs. This is where the Lana Labs Penguins come in.

Finding ways to make your work matter is often easier said than done. That holds especially true for young start-ups working in highly abstract fields – such as data analytics – seemingly far removed from the challenges of sustainable industries and environmentalism.

Sustainability is a major topic for Lana Labs. So of course the question comes up: Is there a way to easily combine our focus on Process Mining with topics of social and environmental responsibility?

The answer: No. And yes. And here’s how we did it. (Spoiler: It involves penguins.)

Lana Labs Penguins - Colony

Social responsibility is not a gimmick

From a PR perspective, it’s certainly nice when your message of sustainability neatly integrates with your brand image. While not necessarily tied to environmental activism, the past few weeks have had some good and some… not so good examples of this.

In regards to environmental awareness, on the other hand, there’s a lot of vested interest in both sides of the argument. Classic example: pro and contra renewable energy. Consequently, authentic messaging is becoming more and more difficult, public trust sinks and Corporate Social Responsibility turns into a glorified marketing gimmick.

The solution: As it turns out, the key to actually making a difference is actually making a difference. Whether or not sustainability and positive action fits your established corporate image should not be the main priority. In the case of companies like Lana Labs, with a very abstract, data-focussed profile, it might even seem impossible (but see below). However, like in so many other aspects of business, the important thing is to deliver. Act, and be active.

A famous, if slightly contentious, saying in German public relations circles reads: Do good and talk about it (“Tue Gutes und rede darüber”, Georg-Volkmar Graf von Zedtwitz-Arnim). Notice the order. First: Do good. Only then: Talk about it.

So what good does Lana Labs do?

We adopt endangered penguins. In fact, we have done so for over two years now, and have grown a sizable colony of Lana Labs penguins in Southern Chile by now. Is this a natural consequence of our Process Mining activities? Not really, no. Is it just a marketing stunt then? Also no. Are we just doing this out of the goodness of our hearts? Well, yes, but there is more to it.

Being sustainable and being environmentally aware is not simply a quirk for us. Our software, LANA Process Mining, has the express purpose of helping companies make their business activities more efficient, and thus, more sustainable. We believe that through the actions of our own company, we can prove that there is more behind our striving for sustainability than just big words. Aspects like resource efficiency and waste reduction are oftentimes high-priority business goals for many of our customers. LANA enables them to achieve those goals, and the Lana Labs Penguins are symbolic of that.

We mean it when we say: Improve the world, one process at a time.

Lana Labs Penguins - Antarctica

Want to know how you can help? Maybe adopt your own Lana Labs penguins?

Glad that you asked. Lana Labs officially adopts an endangered Magellanic Penguin for every software license we sell, and for every new employee joining us. Patrons can name their adoptive Lana Labs penguins and receive regular updates about the animal and their colony as well. And, if I may speak from the heart for a moment, take my word for it: Those emails are really the highlight of any work week.

So why not check out our software, or have a look at our job page?