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LANA Listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Process Mining

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LANA has been listed in the Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining for the second consecutive year. After being named the most innovative newcomer in 2019, LANA Process Mining has established itself in the market as one of the leaders when it comes to complex processes, such as manufacturing. 

Since its inception in academia 10 years ago, the discipline of Process Mining has transitioned to the analysis of real process data. While the main focus used to be on process discovery – i.e. the pure visualization of processes – the development today is more towards the comparison of this data with target process models, productivity improvement, customer interaction and social networks. It has also expanded into areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturing and logistics. Experts recognize the ever-rising potential for process mining as a value-adding discipline which becomes increasingly important as a  supporting tool in the digital transformation of companies, the automation of certain processes or process stages and the use of artificial intelligence

Transform strategically. Implement smartly. Optimize sustainably.

With LANA Process Mining you have full control over your digitization strategy. You can find out how LANA makes your company faster, more efficient and smarter by talking to our experts.

In these current market trends LANA has a pioneering position. Due to our open interfaces, LANA Process Mining is able to connect to any customer-specific IT system landscape. This is no coincidence, since LANA was specifically developed for the complexity of processes that heterogeneous system landscapes entail, such as manufacturing.


Due to their often non-standardized procedures, these processes have an enormous potential for optimization on the one hand, but on the other hand heterogeneous data can be a hurdle for the implementation of a process mining solution. With the new ETL tool LANA Connect, however, this is now significantly reduced.  

With its range of functions, Lana Labs is the ideal partner for the further development of your digital business strategy. With LANA you combine profound expertise in the areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and Process Management with the previously undiscovered potential of your process data. By focusing on complex data processing and LANA’s open interfaces, you avoid countless problems when connecting complex systems. Instead of incompatible data, LANA gives you process transparency at the click of a mouse – in seconds. 

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