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LANA Prediction – React quickly to possible process changes

 LANA Predicition makes predictions about process behaviour and thus enables prompt reactions to changes in processes

  • Automatic near real-time alarm in case of capacity bottlenecks
  • Early detection of features that will cause a bottleneck

LANA’s Prediction Engine makes it easy to train intelligent Machine learning models that learn to predict the behavior of your processes. This is achieved by learning the patterns in already closed cases, which can then be used to make predictions for the future of active cases. More specifically, LANA provides two configurable prediction tasks:

  1. Prediction of the time until a predefined activity will happen. You can use this task to predict e.g. the time until an invoice will be paid, the until the delivery of goods, and many more.
  2. Prediction if a predefined activity will happen. This can be used to predict e.g. if an invoice will be reversed or if a rework activity is likely to occur.

Once the model is trained, the prediction can be used just like any other attribute to build dashboards: