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Process Visualization

With a simple upload, LANA Process Mining analyzes the digital data of your business processes and creates an intuitive, customizable process visualization. You can see at a glance which stages are part of the process, how much time is spent on each stage, where bottlenecks are created and which aspects can be improved.

Process Visualization offers:


Automated, data-centric visualization of your business processes.


Customizable interface and filter options to put the focus on the data that is relevant to your goals.


Easy-to-use interface – get started immediately without expensive training workshops for your team.

Automated Target-Actual Comparison

Get audit-ready in no time with the automated Target-Actual Comparison. LANA Process Mining compares your actual process operation with an ideal Target Model to automatically identify deviations and opportunities for optimization. LANA ensures both process performance and process conformance for your company.

With the automated Target-Actual Comparison, you will achieve:


Optimal quality control through direct comparison between real and ideal process behaviors.


Process compliance with all standards and guidelines relevant for your company.


Increased resource efficiency and lower staff expenses with automated analyses.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

As an analytics tool, LANA Process Mining not only provides you with the ability to identify problems and hidden potentials in your processes, it also directly supports finding root causes and developing solutions. The Automated Root Cause Analysis allows you to trace back discovered process deviations to their original source with maximum accuracy.

LANA Root Cause Analysis includes:


Precise analysis parameters that allow you to identify hidden problems and possible risks.


Fact-based decision-making for your optimization strategies.


High internal synergy through complete integration in all relevant stages of analysis.

KPI Monitoring

With LANA’s integrated Dashboard functionality you never lose track of your ongoing and newly initiated process analyses. Customize your Dashboard to concentrate on your relevant performance indicators and create a basis for effective and transparent reporting.

KPI monitoring with LANA allows you to:


Create and modify individual Dashboards for maximal focus on the relevant data.


Analyze and continuously monitor your data with effective reporting tools.


Cooperate within your team to work efficiently towards your individually prioritized goals.

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LANA Process Mining.

LANA’s process analytics offer a precise visualization of weaknesses and bottlenecks in your processes. Relevant data is presented clearly and concisely and – within minutes – delivers all the facts required for the definition of improvement measures.

Use the full potential of your business processes – with LANA Process Mining.

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