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LANA Process Mining – Version 4.7.0 live now!

LANA Process Mining – Version 4.7.0 live now!
October 22, 2020 Franzi

We are pleased to present you the release 4.7.0 of LANA Process Mining.  Experience the new and innovative distribution analysis and analyze the standard deviation of activity and process times. In addition, a number of improvements have been implemented.

Distribution Analysis

The unique distribution analysis allows you to find attributes associated with changes in the lead time of activities or waiting times between activities and therefore a shift in the distribution. This is made possible by the innovative use of Machine Learning!

Verteilungsanalyse mit Machine Learning

Integration of standard deviation

With the standard deviation, we provide another key figure for you to generate even more meaningful insights when analyzing activities and to determine the dispersion in your event data. 

From now on, this key figure is available in the discovered and target models, the variant overview and in the dashboards.

Standard deviation in LANA

Further improvement of the root cause analysis

With this release, we are extending the root cause analysis for you: From now on, the attribute comparison analysis for numerical attributes is available to you. Furthermore, you now have the option to switch between absolute and relative values.

The comparative analysis allows you to identify possible causes in an overview by graphically comparing affected and unaffected cases.

Further advanced root cause analysis

Additional improvements

  • Log names can now be adjusted in the UI
  • Display of all logs in the header bar menu
  • Revision of the follower filter
  • Extension of the whitelabeling
  • Variety of bug fixed

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