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LANA Process Mining – Version 4.9.0 live now!

LANA Process Mining – Version 4.9.0 live now!
March 3, 2021 Franzi

We are pleased to introduce the new version of LANA Process Mining*. In version 4.9.0 we have improved the comprehensibility as well as the performance and stability of our software. Read more about event and case attributes, version numbers and performance in the blogpost.

* The release for on-premises will take place approx. 2 weeks later

Event or case attribute, that is the question

With this version, you will  always know the type of your attributes.  Event or case attributes? From now on, this will be transparent in features such as attribute filters and chart creation. Now it’s always clear what you see and what your numbers and results mean.


A property that refers to only one event is called an event attribute. For example, time recording can take place in IT system A and billing in IT system B.

A property that refers to an entire case is called a case attribute. For example, a car will always have a diesel or a gasoline engine, regardless of where the individual parts are assembled.

Always know which LANA version is in use!

The answer is not always 42. With the new version number in LANA you now will always know whether you are up to date! You can find the version in the left side menu. This not only tells you which version of LANA Process Mining you are currently using, but also helps us better classify and track improvements and potential program bugs.


Important information:

Since the last version (4.8.0.), a bug can occur that causes existing histograms to have “NaN No Aggregation” on the x-axis. This bug can be fixed by creating the histogram again.

More performance than ever before!

Experience LANA process mining faster than ever before with numerous enhancements to the Discovered Model, Conformance Checking, Root Cause Analysis, Distribution Analysis, Dashboards and Caching.

Further improvements and bug fixes:

Improvement and additions to the API documentation

Various bug fixes:

    • It was not possible to create or connect models
    • Changing dashboards pages resulted in different values and axis labels for combined charts
    • When changing a diagram to a combined diagram, the line was missing
    • Changing the displayed attribute count resulted in a blank chart
    • For line and area charts, the x-axis was formatted incorrectly
    • Removing a filter for hidden activities reset the variant slider
    • Deviations were missing on the activity cards and therefore could not be filtered
    • Conformance statistics were displayed only after going to the deviation page first
    • There was an edit button also on shared dashboards
    • The loading animation for root cause analysis was missing
    • Under certain circumstances the attribute filter was no longer usable
    • Under certain circumstances, the variant slider and pie chart were not displayed

Strategisch transformieren. Smart implementieren. Nachhaltig optimieren.

Mit LANA Process Mining haben Sie die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Digitalisierungsstrategie. Wie LANA Ihr Unternehmen schneller, effizienter und smarter macht, erfahren Sie im Gespräch mit unseren Experten.