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Simple, efficient, precise – make your business processes leaner and more resource-efficient with LANA Process Mining. Find potential risks and increase your revenue with the automated process analysis.

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Process optimization – effective and automated

With LANA Process Mining you can detect potential risks and weaknesses in your business processes at the click of a button. Avoid expensive manual process analyses. LANA helps you make the most out of digitization.

LANA visualizes the pulse of your processes

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LANA visualizes your business processes in a clear and intuitive model. Find bottlenecks in your processes and identify new opportunities for optimization.


The automated target-actual comparison helps you find weaknesses in your processes, while the integrated root cause analysis illustrates possible solutions.


Never lose track of your KPIs with LANA’s customizable dashboards. With a dashboard, you always stay up-to-date for a continuous, goal-driven process optimization.


Avoid costly and unnecessary micromanagement of software. With its open interfaces, you can integrate LANA Process Mining into a variety of different IT systems.

Use the full potential of your business processes – with LANA Process Mining.

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