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Big Data meets Machine Learning

Discover the possibilities of the best Process Mining tool for your processes.

Transform strategically. Implement smartly. Optimize sustainably.


LANA maps processes as they actually occur. And as you have never seen them before.

Conformance Check

The target/actual comparison automatically shows critical deviations in the process flow.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Thanks to Machine Learning: LANA not only finds deviations, but also their causes.

KPI Monitoring

All relevant data at a glance: Flexible dashboards allow precise control of processes.

The Number One in Manufacturing!

New insights into the actual process flow


Audit-Ready at any time through target/actual comparison


Fast drill-down to problem causes


Process visualization – transparency through data

LANA Process Mining builds a complete process model from your process data in a matter of seconds. Here you can see not only how and in how many variants your processes are actually executed in daily business. The intuitive visualization also draws your attention directly to critical values: bottlenecks, high processing times and long idle times.

Conformance Check – automatically audit-ready

Whether you upload your own target model of your process or have LANA simply create a new one, the tool automatically detects all discernible process deviations by comparing the target and actual states. Instead of having to search for discrepancies yourself, LANA immediately shows you where there is potential for optimization or a business risk.

Root Cause Analysis – Analyzing with Artificial Intelligence

LANA’s automated root cause analysis uses an intelligent Machine Learning algorithm to identify patterns in your processes. This allows you to automatically identify the root causes of your process problems – through data instead of speculation. Create a fact-based optimization strategy.

KPI Monitoring – An eye for the essentials

With LANA’s flexible, customizable dashboards, you can keep track of all relevant metrics during and after analysis, whether end-to-end or focused on specific areas. Especially useful: Share dashboards with your team to have a common foundation for strategic optimization and control.

Use the full potential of your processes – with LANA Process Mining.

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