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Process Excellence with LANA – the solution for your company

LANA Process Mining provides its clients with unparalleled transparency, efficiency and flexibility. Get more information in our Process Mining Use Cases and see for yourself in the product demo.

Maximum flexibility, in every industry sector

LANA discovers the hidden potential of your processes – customized to your individual needs.


How can throughput times be further reduced? Why are we facing increasing downtimes and quality issues?

LANA Process Mining connects to your existing ERP and MES systems and not only identifies weaknesses and potential risks, for example in your manufacturing processes, but automatically reveals root causes and opportunities for improvement as well. Your processes will be leaner and more efficient.

Success story:

Production process


Where do bottlenecks emerge in delivery processes? How can customer service be further improved?

With a multitude of features, LANA Process Mining helps you to optimize and standardize both external and internal processes – completely automated. Achieve improved resource efficiency in every sector, from supply processes to administrative services and customer communication.


How can transactions be visualized in real time? How can compliance with policies be monitored efficiently?

With LANA, you can improve the performance and efficiency of your processes, while adapting to issues in compliance and conformance at the same time. Effective process mining allows you to be audit-ready at any time and adjust your business processes to international standards.



How effective is the communication between health professionals and insurance companies? How can staff be deployed more efficiently?

Shared Services

Shared Services

Where can processes be further automated to reduce manual changes? How can we achieve an optimal process standard?



How effective is our order fulfillment in practice? Are all possible compliance guidelines observed?

LANA Process Mining

100% automated flexible efficient adaptable effective logical open data-driven user-friendly for you

Process Mining Use Cases – Customer Opinions


“LANA Process Mining has given us optimal support in the internal process analysis, especially through the efficiency of the analysis and the user-friendliness of the tool. The experience gained, has encouraged us to offer LANA to our customers as a new consulting product that examines their processes.”

Torben Hingst, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Integration, MACH AG

“The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Centre is always striving to deliver the best possible health outcomes to patients per euro spent. Lana Labs provides us with a great solution to help making complex organizational processes more transparent, to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Feedback on their software is well received, and quickly implemented in next versions.”

Wim Dohmen, Head of Business Information Management, Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center & Stijn Schretlen, Service Delivery Lead, Medtronic integrated Health Solutions

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“LANA Process Mining is the ideal tool for Interroll Holding GmbH to support our continuous improvement process with tangible data. The insight that the software offers after just the first analysis is extremely valuable for the entire operation”.

Jürgen Wik, Head of Production Systems, Head of Global Kaizen, Interroll Holding GmbH, Wermelskirchen

Use the full potential of your business processes – with LANA Process Mining.

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