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Model-driven process management with process mining

Model-driven process management with process mining
November 12, 2019 Shirin

Process optimization with Lana Labs partner MINAUTICS

In cooperation with our partner MINAUTICS, we establish future-proof process management in companies: model-driven process management using data-based process analysis. MINAUTICS supports companies in business optimization and uses LANA as an advanced analysis tool. Thus, companies bring their process analysis to a new level: from end-to-end process analyses to automated auditing and centralized controlling. The process and modeling experts enable companies to realize their full process potential. 

Björn Richerzhagen, Managing Director of MINAUTICS GmbH, about the partnership with Lana Labs: “The young, dynamic team of Lana Labs impresses with its competence not only in the areas of mining but also in the field of Business Process Management. Therefore, they are the ideal partners for us because they focus on business benefits and have a very strong technology at the same time. Our competencies complement each other perfectly because we pursue the same goals.”

MINAUTICS – Business optimization with model-based process management

MINAUTICS is a consulting firm that combines broad industry experience with specialized expertise in model-based process management, value management, performance management, change and project management. MINAUTICS’ experts help customers optimize their business – from improving operations to accelerating performance and value streams.

The consultants provide holistic support for process management initiatives: starting with the first process mapping, through target-oriented design and implementation, to controlling process performance. With LANA Process Mining, the experts generate data-based process models that can be used in many ways for process discovery, auditing and controlling deviations. 

LANA Process Mining: From actual process to target model in just a few steps 

LANA visualizes business processes based on process data. The complexity of these process models can be easily controlled in LANA. With effective variant management and a multitude of filters, any process section can be examined. These functionalities support not only the prioritization of the analysis but also the creation of a target process model. The identified optimal variants can be used directly for a target process model. With just one click, this process can be transformed into a BPMN model and edited with the integrated Camunda BPMN Editor. Subsequently, all deviations can be analyzed with the automated target/actual comparison.

MINAUTICS visualizes actual states and develops digital prototypes for scaling business processes. LANA is used particularly for the optimization of core and support processes. The data-driven process analysis solution from Lana Labs is the ideal complement to MINAUTICS’ comprehensive process competence. Companies can realize value-adding and sustainable process management through expertise, facts, and innovation. 

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