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Lana Labs Penguins

We stand for sustainability – in business as well as in nature

Lana Labs Penguins / Lana Labs Pinguine 2

For us the penguin is more than just a logo. It is a symbol that Process Mining can do even more than just analyze processes.

The analysis of our LANA software already improves the resource consumption of globally operating companies. In this way, we help our customers to work more sustainably.

Beyond the technology, we also wanted to do something for the environment right from the start. That’s why we decided right when we founded the company: We adopt a Magellan penguin for every customer license and every new team member. Over the years, we have become the biggest supporter of the penguin colony in Southern Chile. And the penguins have not only found their way into the colony, but also into our software, our website and the logo.

That’s why we are doubly happy about every additional customer and employee, because they help us to preserve these wonderful animals. Working in the IT industry can be an abstract affair. That’s why we always want to remember that we are part of this world, and that includes the responsibility to care for our environment. We support a climate- and nature-friendly lifestyle.

Improve the world – one process at a time!

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How you can help

By using LANA Process Mining in your company or becoming part of our fast-growing team, you will not only experience the most innovative solution for process analysis in practice. You will also set an example for nature conservation and demonstrate sustainable environmental awareness.