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LANA Process Mining - Process Model, Mac

LANA Process Mining in the wild

In our pilot we use LANA Process Mining to analyze one of your business processes together with your team. This way you can experience the advantages of LANA for your company along a concrete example.

LANA Process Mining – Pilot

To guide our process mining analysis we will use the method of the DMAIC cycle as a framework. The different phases – Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control – can not only be executed faster with process mining but are also improved in terms of analysis quality.

During the pilot we will show you how LANA Process Mining supports you during the different phases of your continuous improvement initiative.

DMAIC Cycle Lana Labs

Approach – Pilot project with LANA

I. Define Workshop

As a first step we will select the process to be analyzed as well as the target of the analysis.

  • Problem and goal definition
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Identification of available data sources

II. Measure

Now, the project is set to begin: Our specialists take care for the preparation of the analysis. The goal is to define influencing factors of the process flow as well as to collect data to measure them.

  • Extraction of event data
  • If applicable, modeling of the target process
  • Matching of event data to the given process model

III. Analyze

Now, everything is about data analysis, in order to generate the greatest value for you.  The preprocessed data is integrated in LANA Process Mining and are analyzed completely. The purpose is to identify the root causes of process inefficiencies and audit risks in the process.

  • Evaluation of actual-target comparison
  • Root cause analysis
  • Presentation of results

IV. Improve

We will provide you with the results of LANA Process Mining and now it is on you to put the hidden potential of your processes into effect. Of course we may also support you in the implementation of improvement measures with our partner network.

  • Selection of most cost intensive issue
  • Definition of targeted improvement actions for selected problems
  • Implementation of improvement measures

V. Control

One of the largest benefits of LANA is the possibility to control the effectiveness of improvement measures in the long term. LANA shows within seconds if issues were actually removed and how large the impact of improvements is.

  • Validation of the effectiveness of improvement actions
  • Extraction and analysis of post improvement data

Use the full potential of your business processes – with LANA Process Mining.

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