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Process Automation

LANA. The Automation Assistant.

Process Digitalization with LANA. Fast & Efficient.

Digitalization of manual process steps with LANA Process Mining and the TIM Process Engine.

Logging & Extraction of Data

Data can now be recorded from the execution of the workflow over a desired period of time. This log data can later be used for the analysis of the automation that has taken place.

TIM Solutions App for Data Logging

Refinement of the BPMN Model

Adapt your process model to the desired process execution in order to carry it out automatically within the process engine and ideally support your employees. Your start into the continuous improvement process with LANA and TIM Solutions.

Process Digitalization with LANA  & TIM Solutions

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Digitalization of Processes

LANA supports you with different process mining features over the entire automation cycle – process recording, design and analysis. Starting from process mapping, over process model design up until the continuous monitoring of process execution – LANA Process Mining is ensuring your success in process digitalization.

Use Cases for Automation

Starting with the automation of manual activities up to the implementation within the continuous improvement process: LANA Process Mining supports you on numerous levels of process management. The visualization and control of the process execution is especially interesting for IT system migration projects.