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Process Discovery

LANA Process Mining builds a complete and comprehensive process model from your process data in seconds. Gain process knowledge directly from the source with LANA Process Discovery!

Advantages of LANA Process Discovery

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Uniform level of detail of the models

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Improvement and simplification of process documentation

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Visualization of performance and process data

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Mapping of the real process on the basis of event data

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Visualization of all lived process variants

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No manual modelling effort

How does Process Discovery work?

  1. Use Lana standard connector / prepare data yourself
    • Check availability of data points
    • Obtain permission from the data owner and, if applicable, the works council
    • extract data
    • transform data
    • Import data into process mining system
  2. Direct Follower Graph is generated

Visualize loops and bottlenecks

Through the generated process model, you not only see how and in how many variants your processes are actually executed in everyday business, but also where there are loops and bottlenecks.

In order to identify bottlenecks, various information such as frequencies, throughput times, automation rates or throughput is visualized at the activities and at the edges. The intuitive visualization and color coding directs your attention directly to critical values such as high processing times or long idle times.

Create BPMN models automatically

A BPMN-compliant model can be generated from the recognized process graph with a few clicks. Selected variants and applied filters are taken into account when generating the model. We offer you unlimited freedom by allowing you to edit, share, copy and resave generated, created or uploaded BPMN models directly in LANA.

Created and customized models and the Discovered Model can be exported as PNG, SVG, PDF and .bpmn files with a single click.

Your advantages through Process Discovery

The documentation of processes is often still a very manual process. This makes traditional methods of process documentation very error-prone, especially in complex, partially automated or highly distributed processes. Differences created here in turn lead to incorrect analyses and thus to measures that do not solve the real problems.

Process documentation made simple

In the environment of classical process documentation, information about the processes, such as process activities, activity sequences, decisions and process interfaces, is obtained through traditional methods such as observations or employee surveys. This approach is very time-consuming and costly. It does not even take into account the manual collection of key figures. In addition to the actual observation or survey, the process sequence must then be documented. Afterwards, the actual modelling is started, which often requires a time-consuming release process that also takes several steps. Only after release can the documented processes be used as a reference or analyzed and optimized.

Unify your information

Since in traditional process modelling process knowledge is increasingly generated by observations and surveys, there are often different levels of description in process documentation, resulting in varying degrees of detail in the process models. In order to prevent this problem, documentation rules are often negotiated, documented and defined in advance of the actual process documentation.

Optimization of your real processes

Due to the different levels of detail, the high documentation effort as well as the fundamentally applied methodologies for obtaining process information, in reality there are often deviations between the documented target process and the actual process. These deviations lead to incorrect process analyses and these in turn lead to little or no effective optimization measures.

Strategisch transformieren. Smart implementieren. Nachhaltig optimieren.

Mit LANA Process Mining haben Sie die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Digitalisierungsstrategie. Wie LANA Ihr Unternehmen schneller, effizienter und smarter macht, erfahren Sie im Gespräch mit unseren Experten.