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Process Mining as a Success Factor for IT System Migration

Process Mining as a Success Factor for IT System Migration
November 29, 2018 Franzi

You are about to migrate your IT system – a complicated and risky endeavour. Even if you follow each step as described in our instructions, it is rarely realistic to keep track of an entire digitized system. At this point, however, data analysis techniques such as process mining can help to keep everything in view. We will, therefore, focus here on the question of how process mining can improve the flow and success of a migration project.


System Migration Process

How can Process Mining improve the migration process?

You can use Process Mining before, during and after a migration project to gain important insights. Before the start of the project or in an early phase of the migration, Process Mining can be used to recognize and analyze the process flows in the system (Model Discovery). The analyses of the processes in the old system with the help of conformance checking or a root cause analysis identify the first potential bottlenecks and inconsistencies.

During a migration project, the processes of the test system are displayed and analyzed in real time. This allows you to check whether the processes have been configured and mapped as desired and whether they are running error-free. You can then use these findings to further adapt the system and design the process flows as desired. In addition, you can compare the key figures achieved with each other and thus emphasize the added value of the new system.

It is also advisable to use Process Mining after completion of the project. However, this is more about monitoring ongoing operations. Monitoring enables you to continuously adapt and optimize processes. It also makes it easier to record key figures such as throughput times or process costs. With the help of the recorded key figures, it is also possible to verify which benefits the new system offers – also in the long term.

Which problems can Process Mining not solve?

Process Mining can overcome many process-related challenges, but these are not the only problems in a migration project. Motivation and fears of the employees often play an important role, whether a system migration succeeds or fails. It is often difficult for employees to get used to a new system, a new interface or new processes. Here it is advisable to involve the employees from the beginning so that the acclimatization can take place continuously in small steps and nobody feels lost. Often the employees are also afraid of being overwhelmed by the new system or that their work – and therefore they – will be replaced by the system.

Such negative feelings can sometimes make employees actively oppose the introduction of a new system. This damages their motivation and willingness to provide information.

Process Mining can support and improve a migration project in a meaningful way. This is particularly evident in the visualization of processes, performance and important key figures. However, there are also challenges in such projects that cannot be solved with the help of technology. The bottom line is, therefore: Process Mining is worthwhile simply through the versatile help in controlling process data – but do not forget the human component in such projects.


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