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Process Mining in hospitals – Efficient care for patients

Process Mining in hospitals – Efficient care for patients
May 6, 2019 Jonny
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How Alexianer optimizes the emergency admission with LANA

When we discuss the advantages and key figures of automated process analysis with Process Mining, we are usually talking about relatively abstract topics. Optimized throughput times, reduced capital commitment periods, conformity checks – all of these are extremely important benefits for companies. For outsiders, though, it can often be difficult to translate these terms into real, tangible benefits. However, when used strategically, the technology can contribute directly to helping people in need, such as in hospital settings. The Alexianer GmbH provides the proof.

Process Mining in Hospitals - Professional

Alexianer is one of the first healthcare providers in Europe to use Process Mining to optimize internal hospital processes. The first successes quickly became apparent in one of the most critical processes of everyday hospital life: the emergency admission.

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A simple process with big consequences

The emergency admission is a perfect pilot project for the application of Process Mining in Alexianer hospitals. The process is essentially very simple: patients reach the emergency department, are registered, possibly have a certain waiting time, and are then treated by specialist staff. A little more is happening in the background. A system classifies the patients into critical or less critical cases depending on their symptoms. The aim is to prioritize people who need immediate help or even are in life-threatening condition.

This is where LANA Process Mining comes in. The tool processes the data from the hospital information system and identifies where bottlenecks or process deviations may occur. How long are the waiting times and how quickly are the different patient categories treated? In the worst case, deviations in this process can be life-threatening for critically ill patients.

However, Gerrit Krause, Head of Patient Care and Process Management at Alexianer, gives the all-clear: “The data shows: We were already doing well. With LANA we became even better.”

Process Mining in Hospitals - Gerrit Krause, Alexianer

Gerrit Krause – Head of Patient Care and Process Management, Alexianer GmbH

Optimized processes – Perceivable quality improvement

Alexianer hospitals excel through their highly competent staff and noticeable service quality. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. Krause clearly sees this potential in the optimization of processes with LANA Process Mining: “It’s not the doctors, it’s not the patients, it’s not the nurses – it’s the process sequences.”

Even if optimized processes in hospital operations – in contrast to industrial production chains, for example – are not always directly associated with cost savings, they represent another important parameter: quality improvement. In healthcare, processes are naturally happening close to people. Improvements in processes can therefore often be translated directly into noticeable quality of care. This increases the safety and trust of patients in the hospital and is therefore a decisive quality feature.

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LANA Process Mining – The solution for efficient processes

Let’s return to the first question: How can an abstract tool like LANA Process Mining really help people in need? The use case in the emergency admission at Alexianer shows it. The optimization of waiting times and patient allocation not only improves the internal workflows in the hospital, but often also results in a direct increase in the quality of care for patients. The comprehensive process transparency through LANA provides the basis for such optimization, strategically and sustainably.

We personally discuss with you which solutions LANA Process Mining offers for your organization.