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Process Mining in the Health and Insurance Sector

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Lana-Partner Axxiome Health GmbH – Solutions for Digitization and Transformation

Axxiome Health GmbH offers health insurance and insurance companies solutions for their transformation projects. With extensive IT and process expertise, Axxiome Health GmbH supports its customers in the realization of business objectives such as the implementation of new business models, efficiency increases or the transformation of customer channels. Axxiome Health GmbH accompanies health insurance and insurance companies in their digitization process and offers advanced solutions that meet their requirements. LANA Process Mining is a crucial tool for this.

Transform strategically. Implement smartly. Optimize sustainably.

With LANA Process Mining you have full control over your digitization strategy. You can find out how LANA makes your company faster, more efficient and smarter by talking to our experts.

The goal: making companies more intelligent, more efficient and faster.

Axxiome Health GmbH particularly focuses on innovative and sustainable solutions and has thus found the ideal partner in Lana Labs. Lana Labs and Axxiome Health GmbH both pursue the goals of making companies more intelligent, efficient and faster.

One of the success factors: The analysis of process data. With LANA, companies gain insight into real processes by analyzing process data from existing customer systems. LANA was developed for the complexity of today’s IT landscapes: open interfaces allow easy integration and flexible system connections for holistic process analyses.

LANA uses machine learning in process mining and makes data-based suggestions for savings and optimization potentials. With LANA, companies can automatically compare actual and target processes, carry out performance measurements and advanced root-cause analyses and establish centralized process controlling.

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Creating sustainable added value with Process Mining.

Axxiome Health GmbH supports companies in successfully establishing LANA Process Mining and creating sustainable added value: From efficiency increases, cost savings, the implementation of automation technologies to automated, data-based controlling. With technical know-how, sector-specific and project management expertise, Axxiome Health GmbH helps health insurance and insurance companies to profitably use LANA Process Mining on an operational and strategic level.

Companies benefit from optimized process structures, extensive transparency, and efficient process transformation.Use-Case: Automatisierung von Leistungsbearbeitungsprozessen.

Use-Case: Automation of service management processes.

With the help of LANA and Axxiome Health GmbH, health insurance companies and insurers can visualize, optimize and therefore transform their service processing more efficiently – from invoice receipt and verification to service accounting. LANA provides the fact-based foundation for decision-making, used by Axxiome Health GmbH in order to optimize business processes. Process standardization and more efficient processing of customer data also ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Learn more about the joint offering from Axxiome and Lana Labs.