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Process Mining in the Supplier Change Process

By in LANA, Lana-Partner, Process Mining

Changing of suppliers is an essential process in the energy sector. Process Mining helps utilities to supply customers quickly and retain them through satisfaction.



The supplier change process is one of the central business processes of energy supply companies. At the same time, nowhere is the competitive pressure greater. That is why the most important goal is to get customers into the supply process as quickly as possible – and preferably in such a way that they do not have to participate – apart from receiving the confirmation. With high speed and as few touchpoints as possible, energy companies ensure that no dissatisfaction arises among customers and that they leave early and without a positive customer lifetime value.

So what are the possible obstacles to smooth processes in the supplier change process?

In many cases, these are caused by incorrect submission of meter readings, the correction of which leads to delays. Customers then notice this due to necessary follow-up requests from customer service and, if necessary, new clearing. To optimise these processes, electricity providers need transparency about their processes in order to know how they really work. Process Mining is an innovative and efficient tool for creating this transparency and improving important process indicators.

The Benefits of Process Mining in the Energy Sector

In order to be able to recognise the true benefit of Process Mining, it helps to compare this method with conventional means of process analysis and optimisation. In most cases, the latter means time-consuming evaluations with large Excel spreadsheets, which we compare with elaborate formulas and tables. This usually costs our computer a lot of performance because these data are sometimes very large. This is different with LANA: the transformed data is simply uploaded to the system and we quickly get first results.

Another disadvantage of the classical method is data loss. Large Excel tables often contain errors, which can be very time-consuming to clean up. This is not necessary with Process Mining software like LANA. Here you can specifically identify where errors occur in the data and correct them. This means that you only have to prepare the data once, whereas this is a recurring task with manual analyses. With the conventional method, you also need the necessary methodological competence to conclude the right analysis results from large Excel tables. However, there are not many people in most companies who have these in-depth qualifications. Accordingly, it is difficult to run selective evaluations according to the classical method if this is not part of the daily responsibilities.

Software like LANA immensely facilitates this effort: after a short training period, there are intuitive filter options. But LANA can do even more, which in the classical method usually requires additional software or tools. It is possible to import a target model or to derive it from the existing actual process. This has the advantage that we can thus automatically carry out conformance checking, on the basis of which we can do an automatic root cause analysis of our problem.

In processes where, for example, we have to wait for a response from the customer, LANA has the possibility to act in a supportive manner. Instead of handling these cases manually as before, this process step can now be automated through the support of Process Mining. For example, customer notifications can be triggered automatically when certain thresholds are exceeded.

All these functions of a process mining tool like LANA are efficient tools for creating process transparency and optimising KPIs. If you would like to learn more about our consulting approach together with our partners from the DMS Group, you can find out more here.

If you have questions or want to discuss your own Process Mining use case with one of our experts, you can book your individual tool demo here!