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How to get your process mining initiative started

How to get your process mining initiative started
July 9, 2019 Franzi

The market-research company Gartner repeatedly declares process mining a topic of relevance for the future. The companies themselves are also increasingly discussing process mining and its advantages. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to convince the company or colleagues of process mining. In the following article, you will find some advice on how to successfully start a process mining initiative in your company.


Recognize the attitudes of your colleagues

Would you like to convince your colleagues or superiors of process mining and the added value for your company? First of all, find out what your colleagues think about this topic. The starting point of your initiative depends on this. Sometimes, for example, you first have to convince the decision makers of the relevance of processes. In addition, you should convey your motivation for a process-mining project to the decision makers. For example, argue why it is worthwhile to tackle already found (process) problems with long-term solutions instead of always only finding ad-hoc workarounds. 

In conversations with the people you want to convince of your initiative, you will encounter up to five different positions:

  1. The opponents are against your process-mining initiative and work actively against it. 
  2. The deniers are against your process-mining initiative, but do not work against it.
  3. The Neutrals are neither for nor against process mining.
  4. The proponents are in favor ofyour process-mining initiative, but do not actively support it.
  5. The supporters endorse your process mining initiative. You receive support and encouragement from them.

How do I deal with the different groups of people?

In discussions, thematic workshops and surveys, it should be determined which employees, colleagues and superiors belong to which group. Basically, it is crucial to inform stakeholders about the topic, the technologies, methods as well as advantages and challenges of process mining.  This avoids positions being based on prejudice or a lack of knowledge. You should have intensive discussions with opponents and deniers and understand why they are against it. This allows you to effectively weaken or even refute your opponents’ arguments. In particular neutral persons can be won for the topic with fact-based arguments and become proponents. Intensive conversations with colleagues who already support Process Mining are also recommended. This will ensure that they are also as well informed as possible and act as multipliers for the topic. 

Convince the decision makers!

In order to start a process mining project, it is particularly important to convince the people who decide about the budget, the employees and the systems in the company. If you do not have the approval from these people, the initiative will be difficult to realize despite the great support from your colleagues. The decision makers are responsible for the required resources. Therefore, it is crucial that they understand the relevance, sense and urgency of the topic. In addition, the implementation of measures based on process-mining results can influence the processes and organization in the company and, in part, the customer experience. This change process should be accepted and supported by the management.

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Find the right use case

If people cannot be convinced by arguments, it is helpful to communicate a concrete use case or a concrete goal of your process-mining initiative. This will help you convince others, because it makes the topic more tangible and illustrates the opportunities offered by process mining. The appropriate use case depends on the industryas well as the size of the company. However, optimization of processes always leads to a more efficient use of resources, cost savings, shorter (customer) waiting times and the identification of process deviations and compliance violations.

The experts at Lana Labs are happy to help you choose the right use case for your process-mining project.

Example: Cost Reduction for Purchase-to-Pay

The Purchase-to-Pay process is often suitable for an initial project, since procurement is relevant in almost all industries and companies. In addition, this process usually offers the highest savings potential. These savings potentials have various causes:

  • Unwanted additional work
  • Compliance violations
  • Unused resources
  • Long waiting and idle times
  • Maverick Buying
  • Skipped process steps that have to be reworked unscheduled

Thanks to process mining, the real process can be analyzed on the basis of its traces in the IT system, which makes savings potentials and their causes transparent. In addition, the modelled target process can be compared with the discovered actual process to reveal conformance deviations. The time stamps stored in the system can be used to analyze the throughput times of the process and then improve them in a specific way. 

In our P2P Use Case, we describe in detail how LANA Process Mining was used to uncover potential savings in the amount of 1.5 million euros.

Basically, it is important to convince decision makers and affected persons of the importance of process mining. This is most successful if you know which position your counterpart has on the subject and if you can convince them with the help of well-founded arguments and clear application cases.

Talk to our experts to find the right use case for your company.