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Process Mining Research – How LANA is going to automate actual-target analysis even more

Process Mining Research – How LANA is going to automate actual-target analysis even more
June 12, 2017 LANA
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Latest process mining publication from Thomas

Our founder Dr. Thomas Baier is active in the process mining field since 2008. Driven by his ambition to make process analysis more efficient he got engaged to process mining research early on. His latest publication ‘Matching events and activities by integrating behavioral aspects and label analysis’ is now publicly available. Let us briefly summ it up for you!

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The goal: Automated process analysis

At Lana Labs we have a strong focus on automating process analysis. To this end, one core contribution is the automated target-actual analysis of process executions recorded in the system and a given reference process model in BPMN. At times, in can be non-trivial to actually match system events with their corresponding business activities.

In our latest research publication with colleagues from HPI and WU Vienna, Thomas elaborates on means to automatically derive suggestions for matches between system events and business activities. The proposed techniques make use of natural language text processing in combination with constraint satisfaction problems based on declarative rules mined from the system logs. With that many correlations can already be automatically detected, and where they can’t the user is guided in an efficient manner to complete the matching of system and process world.

A lot more automation for process analysis to come

While this research gives hope for an even brighter future with respect to the automation of process analysis, it doesn’t mean you need to wait for it’s implementation to make use of the automated target-actual analysis. There’s already very good means to map your system events to your modeled activities. If you want to see that in action on your data, just drop us a mail and let’s start a first analysis project!


Read the full paper here

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