Process Mining Resources

Process Mining Resources

Facts worth knowing from Automation to Process Management

Process Mining Resources: Knowledge Base

Always up-to-date with the Process Mining resources of Lana Labs. Find out about the latest news from the fields of Process Mining, Business Process Management and Big Data Analytics, learn how to use LANA and experience the benefits of Process Mining in practice.

Process Mining Resources: Focus Points

Dive deeper into the various elements of the Digital Transformation. Learn more about specific focus topics in detail.

Process Mining

Process Mining is the key to sustainable digital transformation at the interface between business management and data analytics. This groundbreaking analysis method is quickly becoming a must-have for future-oriented companies. Fully utilizing this technology is therefore an important step on the way to digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation

In addition to its many challenges, the Digital Transformation also holds enormous potential for companies. In addition to Process Mining, learn all about new methods that offer you the perfect basis for the strategic development of digital business models. This will open up new technologies that will revolutionize your work, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Smart Process Control and Digital Twin Frameworks.

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