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Stakeholders in Process Mining

Stakeholders in Process Mining
June 19, 2019 Jonny
In Know-how, LANA, Process Mining

Which process mining stakeholders should you consider in the process analysis?

In order to give your company a competitive advantage in the digital economy, you have decided to use Process Mining. You have also already considered which processes and business areas would be suitable for an automated analysis. However, before you dive into data processing immediately, it is important to remember that process analyses do not take place in a vacuum. Especially not in complex corporate structures. For this reason, you should always get an overview of how to include your Process Mining stakeholders before each project. Who should you involve in the analysis, and where can which groups support your approach?

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Process Mining Stakeholders – Who does what?

First of all, it is important to determine which stakeholders you should involve in a strategic Process Mining project. These different areas of responsibility substantiate your analysis with concrete expertise. However, you also need certain data and background information in order to support your project successfully.

Process Mining Stakeholder – colleagues

Data Owner

Data owners are those persons who are responsible for the storage and release of the relevant data. Talk to your data owner to identify the relevant process data, extract it from the system and structure it.

Process Owner

The process owners are responsible for the entire process from start to finish. This means they have less of a technical responsibility than a strategic and coordinating one. Process owners must always be involved in your project, as they are the first point of contact for any process-related questions.

System Expert

All digital processes run via certain systems, such as SAP or machine control systems. This is where the system experts come into play, who can help you with their extensive expertise on the systems used.

Technical Expert

Particularly in cross-departmental processes, more than one system is often involved. The technical experts help you to extend your analysis over large parts of the IT network and to work with real data of the processes as they actually run.

Decision Maker

Strategic decisions are usually made by the management. Apart from questions about concrete data and formats, decision makers keep an eye on the process strategy and business structures in order to supervise the Process Mining project in a controlled manner.

Process Mining Stakeholder – support

Communicating with your stakeholders

As you can see, the different groups involved have very different needs as to what information they receive on which channel and when.

For certain stakeholders, such as system experts and technical experts, occasional updates to the project are sufficient, while process and data owners should be informed regularly about new steps. But the question of the level of detail required for these updates is also important. For example, the decision makers have a general overview of the project, so they don’t have to be informed about every single data set. Process owners, on the other hand, play a central role in the analysis and therefore follow the project step by step.

Process Mining Stakeholder – communication

Process Mining is a collaborative effort

As you can see, you can’t simply go it alone with process analysis through Process Mining. Work with your colleagues to get the most out of your business processes. As long as you communicate with your stakeholders and involve them collectively, nothing stands in the way of your Process Mining project.

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