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Success through Process Mining

Dive into Digital Business Transformation

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is the visualization and analysis of business processes and one of the most important tools in the digital transformation of companies. It is based on the analysis of event logs, protocols of the digital processes in an IT system.

Methods of Process Mining are Process Discovery, Conformance Checking and Model Enhancement.

Process Discovery describes the data-based visualization of a process. The model is usually generated automatically from the event logs and shows the process flows as they actually occur in day-to-day operations.

In Conformance Checking, the actual process shown is compared with an existing target model of the same process. This comparison can be used to visualize skipped or unnecessarily repeated process steps or paths for instance. Simultaneously, the compliance can also be checked.

Another method of Process Mining is Model Enhancement. It describes the analysis of the process model to uncover optimization potentials. Such potentials can, for example, be derived from long processing or idle times. Identified bottlenecks or unforeseen process sequences are thus identified and eliminated.

Business Transformation through Digital Process Management

Process Mining is a versatile and effective way to support classic business process management. It not only simplifies and accelerates the documentation of processes, but also optimization and controlling, often even across different systems. This leaves more time for the core activities of your company. While the proven methods of process management remain the same, Process Mining enables the digital transformation of your company through effective automation.

Machine Learning Entscheidungsbaum | LANA Process Mining

The Process Mining Project is about to begin?
You don’t have to go through it alone!

With the practical Process Mining Guide you won’t forget a single step in process optimization. Whether digitally as a high-resolution PDF file or as a printed poster next to your desk – reach the optimized process, step by step with the guide from Lana Labs!

Optimal processes need the optimal tool.

Achieve Excellence: LANA Process Mining

The best way to get familiar with automatic process analysis is in practice. For this purpose there is our LANA product demonstration. The optimization of your business is our goal – for this we tread new paths of excellence. To find out how you can best use LANA in your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!