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Releases of LANA Process Mining

Revised automatic root cause analysis (06/2020)

In version 4.5.0. you can create an attribute influence analysis and thus quickly and clearly identify which of the individual processes has the most influence on a problem in the workflow.

In addition, percentages are now displayed in the respective diagrams and you can edit your process models directly in LANA.

Save and share your filter settings (04/2020)

In version 4.4. you can now save your filter settings to easily reuse them or share them with other users.

In addition, the dashboard can now simultaneously display the discovered process model to provide you with the best possible tool for your analyses.

Share your dashboards with your organization (02/2020)

The new LANA Process Mining version comes with a revised dashboard management. You can now share your dashboards with your organization or use them as templates for new analyses in the future.

Now you can also find the log you are looking for faster in the revised log management!

Personalized Shiny Dashboards through R (01/2020)

LANA Process Mining now offers the possibility to share created dashboards with the organization. LANA now also offers support for dashboards created in R. So nothing stands in the way of your personalized analysis!

The dashboard is new in notebook style (10/2019)

Now you can personalize your dashboard and change and adapt it to your preferences. With the new Notebook-Style Dashboard you can make your reporting even more flexible and comprehensive.

In addition, you can now choose between familiar and new chart types and present your key figures in an optimal way.