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Automatically analyze process problems with artificial intelligence

Intelligent Machine Learning Algorithm

LANA’s automated root cause analysis uses an intelligent machine learning algorithm to identify patterns in your processes. This allows you to automatically identify the root causes of your process problems – through data rather than speculation. So you can create a fact-based optimization strategy.

This methodology, unique to process mining, makes it possible to automatically find the reasons for excessive throughput times, deviations and specific process sequences. Refine your field of investigation further with the various filter options that LANA Process Mining offers as standard. So you can get to the bottom of even more specific problems. Identify which attributes have a relevant influence on your problem.

Automatic finding of rules in the investigated area

The LANA root cause analysis focuses on automated searches.

Recognition of relevant attributes

Find the attributes and values that really matter to you.

Comparison of attribute distributions

All these values can then be compared and analyzed by you.

Insights generated by machine learning

Latest technology helps you to find the most important inefficiencies.

See the most important categorical attributes

The LANA root cause analysis shows you not only the causal rules but also the attributes that have the greatest potential influence on the process problem you are investigating. The attributes are sorted by relevance so that you have the most important information directly in view

Compare the distribution of your attributes

Besides listing the relevant attributes, you can also display them graphically and compare the distributions. In this way, you can learn more about which attribute values occur particularly frequently in the area of investigation of the process problem. In this way LANA enables you to draw conclusions even if no clear causal rules can be found.

Root cause analysis asynchronous

The automatic root cause analysis of LANA Process Mining runs completely in the background. This means that you can continue to use the functionalities of LANA unhindered while the root cause analysis searches your data for interesting patterns.

Your competitive advantage

Data instead of speculation

It is difficult to find the reasons and connections where process problems and deviations from the target state occur. Without reliable data, this is almost impossible and suggestions for improvement are often based on assumptions or a few qualitatively weak data. With LANA Process Mining it is possible to use the existing system data for a root cause analysis and thus make valid statements about the reasons for the process problems.

Transform strategically. Implement smartly. Optimize sustainably.

With LANA Process Mining you have full control over your digitization strategy. You can find out how LANA makes your company faster, more efficient and smarter by talking to our experts.