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Implement Robotic Process Automation strategically with LANA Process Mining.

RPA opens up the potential for companies to save labor, reduce costs and standardize processes. Process Mining is the key to this technology.

RPA White Paper Cover EN

Find out in the white paper how LANA Process Mining forms the basis for efficient automation.

Features of Robotic Process Automation

What happens in Robotic Process Automation? What requirements must be met? And how does a software robot work?

Challenges in Implementation

What is particularly important in the implementation of RPA? What are the risks of the technology? And how can these dangers be effectively avoided?

The Benefits of RPA

How can Robotic Process Automation increase effectiveness? Why and in which areas should companies introduce this technology?

RPA and LANA Process Mining

How does LANA Process Mining enable and support the development of a system for Robotic Process Automation? How does the tool overcome the identified risks?