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A new era of process excellence

Optimized processes with LANA Process Mining

Process Mining Success Stories

Berliner Wasserbetriebe BWB Logo

“Companies have a wide variety of data sources that provide an infinite amount of information, but usually remain hidden. With LANA, we were able to bring our data treasures to light and thus create process transparency that helps us to visualize, understand and control internal processes and procedures in a targeted manner. We are now actively using our data to improve our performance on a daily basis.”

Anna Gruenwald, Finance and Process Controlling, Berliner Wasserbetriebe


„LANA Process Mining has given us optimal support in the internal process analysis, especially through the efficiency of the analysis and the user-friendliness of the tool. The experience gained, has encouraged us to offer LANA to our customers as a new consulting product that examines their processes.“

Torben Hingst, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Integration, MACH AG

Maastricht UMC Logo
medtronic logo

“The Maastricht Heart+Vascular Centre is always striving to deliver the best possible health outcomes to patients per euro spent. Lana Labs provides us with a great solution to help making complex organizational processes more transparent, to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Feedback on their software is well received, and quickly implemented in next versions.”

Wim Dohmen, Head of Business Information Management, Maastricht Heart+Vascular Center & Stijn Schretlen, Service Delivery Lead, Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

Interroll Logo

„LANA Process Mining is the ideal tool for Interroll Holding GmbH to support our continuous improvement process with tangible data. The insight that the software offers after just the first analysis is extremely valuable for the entire operation.”

Jürgen Wik, Head of Production Systems, Head of Global Kaizen, Interroll Holding GmbH, Wermelskirchen

Interroll: Fact-based transformation with LANA

Read now how Interroll has reduced its lead times by 700% with LANA Process Mining.

The Interroll Group is a leading global provider of solutions for internal material flow. With LANA Process Mining they have not only efficiently optimized the production process. The improved data quality and holistic process transparency offers an ideal, fact-based basis for further digital transformation and the continuous improvement process.

Insight into the process structure

In contrast to the linear target process, over 3,000 complex process variants were identified.

Higher data quality

LANA allows more effective reporting and consistently clean process analyses through improved data structures.

Data basis for optimisation

Interroll uses Process Mining to develop fact-based strategies within the company’s continuous improvement process.

Better performance

LANA was able to find and optimize the main reason for the increase in process time by over 700%.

Telefonica: Optimised performance thanks to LANA

Find out how Telefonica, which operates worldwide, uses LANA to visualize the customer journey and thus strengthens customer confidence in the long term.

As one of the world’s leading communications companies, Telefónica has found LANA Process Mining to be the perfect tool for checking the effectiveness of its customer-oriented processes. At the same time, the transparency gained ensures that the customer journey is recorded in its entirety. LANA thus combines performance optimization with an unparalleled understanding of processes for users.

Improved service

Through targeted analysis, Telefónica has identified weaknesses in the service process and thus systematically improved performance.

Higher customer satisfaction

Optimized customer service leads to higher trust and thus stronger customer loyalty, which increases both sales and brand value.

Sustainable optimization strategy

Flexible dashboards give Telefónica out-of-the-box full controlling and monitoring features that form the basis for new optimization strategies.

Transparency and control

The complete process visualization in LANA shows the customer journey end-to-end and allows an unparalleled overview of the entire process.

Minimize risk – Use Case: Purchasing

How a machine manufacturer optimised the purchasing process through LANA and now records annual savings of up to seven figures.

For an international manufacturer of construction machinery, LANA examined the purchase-to-pay process under the microscope. The result: drastic savings opportunities every year. In addition, compliance risks are effectively eliminated by LANA uncovering previously unseen process deviations and automating and standardizing the process.

More efficient workflows

LANA ensures significantly faster process flows through less duplication of work and improved resource utilization.

Improved compliance

The customer eliminates audit risks and identifies potential savings, among other things by detecting a high number of cases of maverick buying.

Effective automation

The focus is on the identification and prioritization of automation potential as the basis for sustainable resource use.

Significant cost savings

LANA enables consistent compliance with discount periods for significant cost reduction throughout the year.

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