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Posts tagged with ‘AI’

  • process mining ai

    Process Mining alone has nothing to do with AI. LANA does.

    By | 04. Apr 2019

    Process Mining as a method has nothing to do with AI in and of itself – but how does LANA use artificial intelligence in an innovative way?

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  • Artificial Intelligence - Ex Machina | Lana Labs

    Artificial Intelligence Debunked – What is A.I. really? | Lana Labs

    By | 28. Jan 2019

    Should Artificial Intelligence be taken seriously or is it still just Science Fiction? What is behind the hype?

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  • Gartner Trends Technology 2019 – Immersive Experience | Lana Labs

    Gartner Tech Trends for 2019 – With Process Mining into the Future

    By | 07. Nov 2018

    Gartner names Process Mining as one of the top 10 tech trends for disruptive technologies in 2019. The prediction: stronger process management and better integration.

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